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Title, Biologia marinha. Authors, RENATO CRESPO PEREIRA, ABILIO SOARES- GOMES. Publisher, Interciência, ISBN, , Renato Crespo Pereira is the author of Biologia Marinha ( avg rating, 0 ratings , 0 reviews). [X] Livro Biologia Marinha – 2ª Ed. Pereira, Renato Crespo, Soares-gomes, Abílio pdf. Are you a Read PDF Biologia Marinha – 2ª Ed. Online book lover??? we.

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The halogenated metabolites in L. H 2 O 2 plays different roles in determining penetration failure in three diverse plant-fungal interactions. Meng X, Zhang S. The culture and experimental conditions were as follows: Free fatty acids and methyl jasmonate trigger defense reactions in Laminaria digitata. Lipoic acid-dependent oxidative catabolism of keto acids in mitochondria provides evidence for branched-chain amino acid catabolism in Arabidopsis. Ding H, Ma J. Genes involved in PI signaling were also upregulated in L.

Intracellular signaling mediated by a MAPK cascade, small GTPases, phosphatidylinositol, and calcium calmodulin-dependent protein kinases was observed as a seaweed response to bacteria. Note that the figure is not drawn to scale. J Chem Ecol To evaluate the transcriptomic profile of L. The upregulation of genes coding for NADPH oxidase and antioxidant enzymes suggests the occurrence of an oxidative burst.

This report contributes significantly to the current knowledge about the molecular mechanisms involved in the highly dynamic seaweed-bacterium interactions.

Characteristics of the cDNA sequences from Laurencia dendroidea after preprocessing and assembly a. Front Plant Sci 5: A few bacterial sequences were detected through Blast searches against the NCBI-nr database and were removed from subsequent analysis.


Renato Crespo Pereira (Author of Biologia Marinha)

To identify the transcripts associated with the biosynthesis of terpenoid compounds, we analyzed the transcriptome of L. Parameter Value tenato Ctrl.

The present report shows that even though V. Following the recognition of microbes, evidence has emerged for the occurrence and significant role of innate immunity processes as the first line of defense in seaweeds, similarly to that observed in vascular plants and metazoans 10— 13including transient production of reactive oxygen species ROS 14— Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Localisation and surface quantification of secondary metabolites in the red alga Delisea pulchra. All of us read and approved the final manuscript. Both annotated and nonannotated genes are represented. Genes coding for defense-related transcription activators, reactive oxygen species metabolism, terpene biosynthesis, and energy conversion pathways were upregulated in inoculated samples of L.

Overall, MAMPs include conserved molecules that are characteristic of microbes but are absent in hosts, e. Regulation of primary plant metabolism ctespo plant-pathogen interactions and its contribution to plant defense. Biochim Biophys Acta S3which included Rho-related protein rac1 Fig. Trends Plant Sci Seaweeds are extremely susceptible to microbial colonization due to the release of large amounts of carbon compounds that act as chemical attractants and nutrient sources for bacteria 1.

Further, a relevant role was attributed to Snf1-related protein kinases as global regulators of gene expression, inducing catabolic pathways that provide alternative sources of energy and controlling genes that encode signal transduction components and transcription regulators The microbial community associated with seaweeds tends to be species specific and different from that associated with seawater 2.


Support Center Support Center. Adv Bot Res ABSTRACT The ability to recognize and respond to the presence of microbes is an essential strategy for pdreira to survive in the marine environment, but understanding of molecular seaweed-microbe interactions is limited.

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Vibrio madracius is phylogenetically close to the V. J Nat Prod Most of the genes differentially expressed were marniha in the inoculated samples of L. Davidson NM, Oshlack A.

Further, we observed the upregulation of L. Our aim was to identify the major transcriptional responses of L.

The pefeira results could be attributed to intrinsic biological differences between the two species or to the relatively small number of sequences analyzed. Comparative RNA-seq analysis of early-infected peach leaves by the invasive phytopathogen Xanthomonas arboricola pv.

Plant Cell Physiol Effects of ethylene on tetrasporogenesis in Pterocladiella capillacea Rhodophyta 1. However, the genes involved in this cellular process are still largely unknown.