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Sulekha Creative Blog – Bhaja Govindam of Jagadguru Shankaracharya in English Verse, by Girdhar Gopal Your impatience and anger are without meaning. Bhaja Govindam [Praise/Seek Govinda (Vishnu)] also known as Moha Mudgara ( Hammer [to अवतार-वरिष्ठाय रामकृष्णाय ते नमः ॥ meaning “( Salutations) to the establisher of Dharma who is of the essence of all of nature;. Bhaja Govindam of Adi Shankaracharya with Slokas and Translation.

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Bhaja Govindam – Wikipedia

Sanskrit Wikisource has original text related to this article: Create in your mind, devoid of passions, thoughts of the Reality.

Govindwm story goes that when he was walking along meanlng streets of Kashi, he was pained to observe an elderly man trying hard to learn Sanskrit grammar. There are no evidences to prove the exact individual authorship of these 14 verses, we have some traditional hearsay eviences as attribution.

Do not get drowned in delusion by going wild with passions and lust by seeing a woman’s navel and chest. And yet, one leaves not the gusts of desires.


Even then he leaves not the bundle of his desires. Give up lust, anger, infatuation, and greed. Who is my mother? It really inspired me and thanks for Adi Shankara may he bless us more with such wisdom.

Stanza attributed to Anandagiri. The 31 stanza composition in Sanskrit is not just a devotional song. Stanza attributed to surendra. From where do I come?

Distribute your wealth in charity to the poor and the needy. One who lives in communion with God enjoys bliss, pure and uncontaminated, like a child and as someone intoxicated.

Stanza attributed to medhaatithira. With whatever you get, entertain your mind, be content.

Even though in the world the ultimate end is death, even then man leaves not his sinful behaviour. Though sung as a bhajan, it contains the essence of Vedanta and implores the man to think, Why am I here in this life? Why this engrossment in thoughts of wealth?

Stanza attributed to Anandagiri. Even then the attachment is strong and he clings firmly to fruitless desires.

The mouth has become toothless. What is the Truth? This page was last edited on 30 Augustat Many scholars hold that this composition encapsulates with both brevity and simplicity the substance of all Vedantic thought found in whatever other works that Adi Shankaracharya wrote:.

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Bhaja Govindam

Govibdam there is hardly anyone who wants to be lost in parabrahmam. Who is my mother and my father? From Satsangh comes non-attachment, from non-attachment comes freedom from delusion, which leads to self-settledness.

He could pardon the polytheism of the people, but not the atheism of Sankhya, or the agnosticism of Buddha. Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts. Stanza attributed to sumati. Though death brings an end to everything, man does not give up the sinful path.

They are fools those who have not Self-knowledge, and they consequently, as a captive in hell, are tortured. Who is my mother, who is my father?

They may not follow exact word construction in the above verses. Old age passes away by thinking over many things.