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Seeds of Rebellion has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders, #2), brandon mullعنوانها: بذرهای شورش؛ بذرهای قیام؛. Seeds of RebellionX by Brandon Mull has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. It is the second book in the ” Beyonders”. Beyonders: A World Without Heroes. Beyonders 2: Seeds of Rebellion. Beyonders 3: Chasing the Prophecy. BEYONDERS: The Complete Set. Click any cover.

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We get to live adventure after adventure and travel the world and visit fantasy worlds and it’s wonderful!

Open Preview See a Problem? I don’t know where this has gone wrong. OMG this book is epic!!!

Seeds of Rebellion | Beyonders Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They found hundreds of globes, as well as some larger ones called Gatecrashers. It was Final rating: There is a lot to say. Here the book picks up the story from the point the first ends. Personalize Common Sense for your family. View all 6 comments. This world is so rich, so fun, and Brandon Sdeds imagination is so vast that I kept thinking, “This book should be better.

It seems like Brandon Mull has been building the world in the first two, and the characters will shine in the third. Beyondeers I enjoyed the fact that the hippo was used again!


Ceritanya mungkin tidak se-wah buku pertama, tapi tetap menghibur dan seru karena penuh dengan petualangan yang keren. Brandon Mull never has that problem. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. Apr 22, Heather rated it it was ok. You should keep following him. The main characters continue the hero’s journey started in the first Beyonders book, of which there are many examples in literature. Banyak misteri, ketegangan, sihir, dan humor membuat sekuel ini lebih menyenangkan daripada yang pertama.

I od about the characters, got annoyed with Seth, and always appreciated a scene with the satyrs. I loved both first and second book. Dalam 2 hari saja saya bisa menyelesaikan buku setebal halaman ini.

Mild, playful flirting and discussion that Corinne is very good looking. I felt like I understood the world perfectly.

I enjoyed this much more than I expected. The archer states that they are just there so that if someone decides to turn back they can help.

This uniqueness stems from the fact that it was intentionally created by an unnamed, extremely powerful mortal. The 1 New York Times bestselling Beyonders fantasy trilogy comes to a stunning and epic conclusion.

The sentence structures are inconsistent, with language ranging from cluttered and This world is so rich, so fun, and Brandon Mull’s imagination is so vast that I kept thinking, “This book should be better. Oct 29, Cintya Larasinta rated it it was amazing Shelves: One thing I really like about Brandon Mull is that his writing is so inventive and it feels different.


I love the cast of characters in this series. Before the raft reaches the end of the waterfall, Jason pushes the little man with one arm into the river and grabs the archer’s bow with an arrow attached to a rescue line. While on the northern side of the river, he encounters a family of giants who try to kill him.

Seeds of Rebellion: Beyonders, Book 2

I hope the third book will prove to be a satisfying conclusion. Sep 25, Zahra Rhm rated seers really liked it Shelves: What more do you need?

But there are areas where I was so bored with the book that I couldn’t stand it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Seeds of Rebellion

After being given a starting point by Galloran, Jason and Rachel embark on a very long quest for The Word. The loremaster then informs Jason that he’s sealed his own fate, and must leave immediately in search of someone called the blind king.

On the way, the delegation passed through Howling Notch, where two seedmen where left behind, and Eberathe forsaken kingdom, filled with undead, where another seedman was infected by the Goma Worms.