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Warm, humorous, and smoothly readable story of three girls who’ve been friends forever. Nina, Avery, and Mel are the “Bermudez Triangle”. THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE. Maureen Johnson, Author. Penguin/Razorbill $ (p) ISBN Biphobia and The Bermudez Triangle: An Open Letter to Maureen Johnson jcatgrl: “ Dear Maureen, When my mother got me The Bermudez.

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Oct 06, Pages Young Adult. The real world of course doesn’t always h This is the book I wanted to read from Maureen Johnson; it’s the story of Nina and her two best friends, Mel and Avery — when Nina spends the summer at a pre-college program, Mel and Avery fall in love.

She’s so confused she can’t even decide if she wants to apply to music school or not. The story is about three best friends in their senior year at High School.

Is maurewn possible she only likes girls when the girl is her best friend, Mel? I might keep grumpy Avery just as grumpy as ever, and I might have her say the same things to herself, as people do say these kinds of things to themselves. Looking for a particular type of book? Eighth Grade Bites 1. Other than a few instances, Mel refers to herself and is referred to as gay, not lesbian. Please provide an email address. While at the time, what Avery says sounds sort of romantic, setting her and Mel apart from labels, her statement appears invalid when viewed in the context view spoiler [of her rebound with Gaz not too much later in the novel hide spoiler ].

To us, she’s something completely different: Their friendship is rocked by what feels like the ultimate challenge. Nina, Avery, Mel, and their friends, all felt like people that you could meet walking down the street. Avery basically asks herself—what the hell is wrong with me? We tell ourselves we should be better or smarter or faster or nicer or thinner or more productive or blahblahblahblahblah.


Enter a boy whos attracted at first to Mel, truangle then to Nina, and things get a lot worse. What trianhle going on?

Both are determined to remain together until they can see each other again the following year when they both get into Stanford for college, but until then they have to get through senior year. Mel stepped back in shock. This is an excellent novel. Bermudez Triangle tackles serious issues with wit, grit and humor. One person in this book had to be the breaker-upper and one person the dumpee. A few things could have balanced a little better for me.

It’s like now she’s just the side girlfriend that he only hooks up with when he’s not busy dating someone else! I asked what book they would have wanted to see as teenagers—what kind of book would have spoken to a young lesbian or bisexual girl, and the answer I got was really just—ones with them in it.

I really couldn’t relate to this novel at all, despite the fact that I’m gay and I’ve fallen for my best friend. I really enjoyed Avery’s story. The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm. Nicola Yoon 2-Book Bundle: I could not wait to begin reading it. Her explanation about how she’d slowly realised about herself was spot on for me and very simply expressed. Open Preview Msureen a Problem?

About tringle through this book, I thought “I don’t like these characters. Nina, Avery, and Mel have been friends for years and years, then Nina comes home from a summer learning experience to discover that Avery and Mel have started dating, and the world just gets more confusing from there. Feb 03, jv poore rated it really liked it Shelves: October 23, Publisher: Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer.

Of all of Maureen Johnson’s books, this sounded like the most appealing to me, but I will likely read more. Although she desperately misses Avery and Mel, who are waitresses at a restaurant back home, she quickly falls head over heels for eco-warrior Steve, who has grown up in a commune on the West Coast-so different from Nina’s secure middle-class experience.


THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE by Maureen Johnson | Kirkus Reviews

Mel identifies as a lesbian, while Avery refuses to pick any label. The Case of the Missing Marquess. Reader reviewed by ambeen The Bermudez Triangle is a fast paced novel about three friends and how one summer changes their lives forever. Nina was awful in teiangle and I c I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Maureen Johnson is straight, because from a germudez point of view, this book was majorly off target.

Bermjdez was always there to listen to her problems, hang out with her, they had fun together, he was really loyal to her, and he stayed with her and did what she wanted as a not-boyfriend even though he REALLY liked her without crossing any lines.

This was a light, fun read and I finished it over the course two days, so very readable.

It’s not that I did not enjoy “The Bermudez Triangle” because of the lesbian love focus. Especially since the write off at nermudez end seems to be that it was okay since it helped another character come out of the closet!


maureen More, it was like a kick to the shin: Author Of The Week: Its a book that has shown reality in the most realistic way possible! Give The Dark My Love. Anyway, most of the book was really very good, and I shall try and remember it fondly.

It was especially rewarding to see Mel come to terms with herself and her sexuality and how mureen really had an effect on her life.

But that may be just my point of view. Notes astronu liked this.