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Dimmer flush mounted 20 VA EAN: Manufacturer: BERKER. Manufact.-No: Similar top items: Show now & compare. BERKER TASTDIMMER NV UP W. Product no.: Be the first to rate this product. Available stock: 3 can be shipped within 4 working days. Berker has been producing socket outlets for more than 90 years; thousands of LV power boosters built in max. 10;. Operating temperature 20 45 rC. 1.

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Universal dim actuator bedker RMD. Tronic transformers W. Tronic rotary dimmer R, C. Tronic power booster built-in Order no.

Total power output VA including transformer. Connected load per power booster.

Berker Catalogue

Universal power booster Plus RMD. Tronic touch dimmer built-in R, C. Radio universal dimmer built-in. Keep a minimum distance of 1 module with several dimmers. Mixed load of the specified load types, do not mix berke and inductive loads! Total power output VA including transformer power dissipation inductive, phase cut-on.


Phase cut-on or cut-off depending on load type.

Dimmer Basic element Button 2904

Extension set cable length. Push-buttons NOC can only be illuminated via neutral conductor.

Tronic transformers W capacitive load, phase cut-off or. Universal power boosters Plus RMD.

Usable dimmer types Universal rotary dimmer R, L, C. Power boosters built-in R, L. In case of excessive making. For mixed loads with inductive loads. Tronic touch berke built-in R, C Order no. Number of extension units. Tronic transformers W capacitive, phase cut-off orconv. Observe the operating conditions on Page T6. To other extension sets, e.

Total power output VA including transformer power loss inductive load, phase cut-on. Push-button, NO contact To other extension sets, e. Power booster built-in R, L Terminal for mains decoupler to additional power boosters built-in R, L max. Universal dim actuator gang RMD. Power boosters built-in R, L Universal power boosters.

Power booster built-in R, Berkre. Mixed load of specified load types, do not mix capacitive and inductive loads!


Technical Properties

Total power output VA including. Height from DIN rail.

Observe the operating conditions. Tronic touch dimmer built-in R, C and Tronic power booster built-in. Minimum ceiling aperture for standard ceiling height of 78 mm. BLC touch dimmer R, L.

Radio universal dimmer RMD.