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Beo5 • Read online or download PDF • Bang & Olufsen Beo5 – User Guide User Manual. QUESTION — What is the current version of the Beo5 Configuration Software if you do decide to do it yourself then you can find detailed instructions HERE. This guide shows and explains the basic fundamentals, that need to be understood, when building a configuration for the Beo5/6 remote using the B&O.

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The Beo5 remote control has a Setup menu that allows you to alter a number of settings yourself. Use the arrow keys to move the double RED lines to the channel you wish to change, then press the centre OK button. This allows for a personal design for each user and ensures that all buttons in your Beo5 are relevant to your specific setup. ANSWER — The Beo5 supports up to 24 different zones, but the present link system is limited to 16 zones, so it will not be possible to operate more than 16 zones.

If your retailer has set up a channels menu on your Beo5, you may also change the numbers associated with channel names in the channels or stations menu. To activate the Beo5 display, just pick up your Beo5 or touch the screen lightly, and the display lights up. An average infrared remote control had a range of around 3 to 6 meters. How long does it take to fully charge a new Beo5?

To connect your universal remote control, you need the model number and brand name of both the remote control and the television. Table Of Contents How to use the display of your remote control.

Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Manual

As an additional help to the Guide, a personal Beo5 button When you do download with errors you may not notice the effects of the errors immediately, but problems there will be. Is it possible to change the channel numbers myself without having the Beo5 Configuration software or going back to the dealer? Should I still download the file created? If you connect a new external source directly bei5 your TV, then the Configuration software is needed to make the changes to the configuration of the Beo5.


Therefore be careful when a dealer quotes the price of the Beo5, ensure the price quoted manuwl for the Beo5 AND table charger. There is a list of codes for brands and model numbers in the manual of the remote control. Rewind through tracks, playlists and recordings Back up through menus, press and hold to exit menus completely How to operate the Beo5 ball … Step through for example channels, stations, recordings and tracks.

Displays digits to select, for example, a radio station or channel number. This was helpful 2.

A battery in my device is oxidized, can I still safely use it? Then select a button by a press on the screen.

Beo5 Information & Resource Centre

Let it dry and insert new batteries. The Configuration tool allows the dealer to store templates of typical common configurations as well as the actual customer configuration. Page of 24 Go. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking kanual Page 11 … the buttons in the centre The centre buttons on Beo5 are mainly used for menu operation. This firmware upgrade is performed during the first download subsequent to the tool being updated.

At this point you will have a heading manjal “Editing Button”.

Bang & Olufsen Beo5 – User Guide User Manual

When fully charged, your remote control is ready for use. The problems you bdo5 can be varied, but one problem symptom which seems to show itself more often than most is when you download your configuration to the Beo5, it crashes Windows XP most often with a “Blue Screen” error message which is about as fatal an error as you can get under Windows. ANSWER — It means you no longer have to remember the channel numbers of your favourite stations, you instantly identify them through the logo.

You will now see your sources press the source on teh screen you wish to change then select “Channel” by pressing the screen. Your product might be in need of repair. It is also recommended that the backgound be black. Each logo must be no larger than X 44 pixels with You can manually enter these commands, but there is a software patch which takes the configuration Tool to version 1.


Ja, the device can still be safely used. ANSWER — The expected life of the battery is manhal provided you recharge the batteries in the docking station at regular intevals.

Then clean the battery compartment with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar or lemon juice. If you have never connected the Beo5 to the PC before and the previous action does not solve the problem, then the driver has not been loaded for some reason. How To Operate The Beo5 Ball Rewind through tracks, playlists and recordings Back up through menus, press and hold to exit menus completely How to operate the Beo5 ball … Step through for example channels, stations, recordings and tracks.

Make a list of your complete configuration including lighting options such as LC2 and Lutron. Press again to return to the previous screen. So you will need to add a short delay between commands to resolve this issue.

Manual – Bang and Olufsen Beo5 Remote Control

The number of visitors to THIS page is: Another popular product for making buttons is Crystal Buttons at www. ANSWER — You simply select the lock function in the menu by pressing the centre button of the keypad on the ball to turn off the Beo5. Also See for Beo5 Service manual – 26 pages. The display should read “charging”, Leave it there for a couple of hours. Please try our search function first.

It is looking for a file called “Beo5Usb. Never use bare hands to do this. A text in the display indicates when it is time to recharge your Beo5 remote control.