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I take this as a con because I usually use my memorisation skills in the super theoretical grunfeld to beat people who forget the theory. But I really like the idea to. I bought this book over Christmas on a whim, and while I don’t regret buying it, it’s become one of those books that I have for the interesting. Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld gets to grips with the King’s Indian and Grunfeld, providing White with a number of easy-to-learn and.

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Taylor does a fair amount of just “talking” about chess, focuses on general ideas, and gives some general attacking advice at times. Against the King’s Indian he goes for the Martz Variation 1.

In my limited perusal of this work, I didn’t see the pawn push to d5, followed by recapture with the e-pawn, advocated as White’s main idea against the KID.

Antillian God Member Offline Brilliance without dazzle! Just realize that you aren’t getting a tight-fitting repertoire filled with cutting-edge theory. There are not really any “structural” or thematic similarities in how black knigs a plan To answer TopNotch’s question, my guess is that the book is aimed at – level players or so. But perhaps, I am taking this too literally. Heating you want interesting games and analysis of less-studied systems against the Grunfeld and KID, then you might like the book a lot.

Anyway the “Liz” variation runs: Theory isn’t the main point of the book, though Taylor does offer novelties in a lot of positions. Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld. Apr 19, 4.

Admittedly the line does carry grunfelf positional sting if Black is careless, like for e. Please Login or Register. I am sure that a White player who understood this very well could win quite a few games with it, but the same is true of the Black side of this dicey system, I opine.


Brimming with complexity and dynamism, these two openings often leave those playing White scratching their heads wondering how to squeeze even the slightest of advantages out of the opening and, just as crucially, how to avoid becoming swamped in a morass of complicated theory. Isn’t that what Grivas advocates in his beating-the-fianchetto-defences book but probably with 8.

Qd2 rather than 8. Sorry if everything I just said is wrong. My library Help Advanced Book Search. All in all I like the book, but it certainly isn’t a must-buy. He is resident in the US. Apr 19, As a side note, I’m actually having quite good results with 1. Often the positions that arise are very similar to the Slav or Semi-Slav of course, a direct transposition to the Schlecter Slav is possibleand think a lot of Grunfeld players fell less comfortable in these sorts of setups than in the main lines.

It’s similar for the White side, as players who really like to play against the KID tend to be less comfortable facing the Grunfeld, and again vice versa.

Grunfeld or King’s Indian?? – Chess Forums –

Dear Willilo, Man, fiveofswords is everywhere in every forum!!! Moreover, the Anti Gruenfeld system given in Taylor’s rhe is much more convincing than the recommendation in Summerscale’s. I’ve played the KID for quite a while, and only recently have I bothered looking into the theory.

Choose your Stem Games and Stem Players. Please select next action Go back or Go to wish list. Thanks danny, that really made it clear for me! Grundeld hard to believe that Black isn’t bearing here, but if it works, it works!

The Grunfeld usually becomes almost an open position, with sharp piece play in many lines. There are 33 games in the King’s Indian and 20 in the Grunfeld. I’m not sure why you would need to switch to the KID from the Grunfeld. Apr 22, In this book, Timothy Taylor gets to grips with the King s Indian and Grunfeld, providing White kjngs a number of easy-to-learn and effective weapons which are specially designed to cause Black maximum discomfort.


Don’t quote me on that though, since I’m not at home.

I dont play it as often as I used to though since adding the slav to my black repertoire. I get the feeling that these are all lines that Taylor has experience with, and he doesn’t seem to be holding back any secrets. During the turn of the century early s it was thought that the “glory days” of the KID were gone Glory Days probably being Kaspy’s time in the early to mid 90s. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, grungeld, and phone.

Grunfeld or King’s Indian??

The King’s Indian is full of theory! Apr 19, 3.

Practical Decisions in Critical Moments. Kasparov, Radjabov, and Shirov are some great players who play the King’s Indian.

ChessPub Forum – Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld

Difference between IM and GM’s? Nxd4 and the Liz Variation 1. Publishedsoftback, pages. He also includes chapters on the various methods of avoiding the main line available to both White and Black.