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Develop the skills you need to get the most out of your Bible study! pages, hardcover from Victor. Basic Bible Interpretation () by Roy B. Basic Bible Interpretation has ratings and 24 reviews. Bob said: I will do a full review on my blog, but for now I can say this book is essential for. BASIC BIBLE INTERPRETATION Can the Bible really be understood? Dr. Roy Zuck points out that it is essential for understanding and teaching the Bible properly, essential as a step beyond observation, and essential for Roy B. Zuck .

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Zuck has intetpretation the importance of proper interpretation and has provided an excellent introduction to prepare the student for deeper study in the realm of hermeneutics. Baker Book House, Zuck has drawn heavily on his many years of teaching in the seminary classroom to present an excellent treatise on biblical interpretation.

Book Review: Basic Bible Interpretation by Roy B. Zuck | Steve Young –

Beginning with the first axiom, Zucm states six corollaries. John Walvoord to take a position as assistant professor of Bible Exposition and assistant academic dean at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Zuck should have also acknowledged the wide range of attitudes regarding the presence of allegory in Scripture. Feb 18, Lindsey rated it really liked it. Fifth, each passage of Scripture has a specific literary form.

Fourth, each passage was understood in its intended context. Nov 16, Kelly Belvis rated it really liked it. Zuck himself falls clearly into the premillennial dispensational camp and addresses some of the arguments for opposing viewpoints. He presents these influences in 11 categories: Zuck has drawn heavily on his many years of teaching in the seminary classroom to present an excellent treatise on biblical interpretation.


First, his rather lengthy list of premillennial quotations from the early church Fathers seemed ambitious. Zuck No preview available – Zuck believes that the New Testament must designate a type as a type; otherwise, it should be seen as only an illustration or allegory.

He also describes the differences between actual allegories and the errant approach of allegorizing a Scripture passage.

Basic Bible Interpretation by Roy B. Zuck

Whereas the former are deliberate constructions of the human author for enhancing the ideas he has been given to express, the latter are constructions built into the historical narrative on a larger scale by the Divine Author. My only other critique is Zuck seems to have a Israel-centered hermenteutic rather than a Christ-centered hermenteutic.

Lastly, the original audience understood the author by operating under the basic laws of logic and communication. Skip to main content. I bivle recommend this book. Jul 03, Bob Argenbright rated it it was amazing Shelves: Zuck has written or edited more than seventy books on Christian education and biblical studies.

While the scholarship is clearly present, it is nevertheless most readable and understandable by the average layperson.

Basic Bible Interpretation

He also takes care to amplify the importance of context, and outlines how context should be considered in expanding scope, from the immediate placement of the passage to its relevance in the whole body of Scripture. Zuck pretends that Dispensationalist invented the LHGH while completely ignoring the fact that the Reformers were the founder of this hermeneutic as a result of Sola Scriptura.

The What and Why of Bible Interpretation. Some specific areas of culture that Zuck includes are political, religious, economic, legal, agricultural, architecture, clothing, domestic, geographical, military, and social. It deals with the basics and doesn’t confuse the reader with extraneous material.

For the beginning student or advanced, this book will cover all you need to know about hermeneutics. While it is impossible to hold Zuck up with contempt for holding to his theological convictions, he maybe could have calmed them down. Zuck is helpful in providing his list of well-acknowledged allegories p.


Basic Bible Interpretation: A Practical Guide to Discovering Biblical Truth

More truth was realized as progressive revelation took place. It covers a wide ranges of issues in understanding and interpreting the Bible Zuck later pursued a position with Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, but bble providentially directed by a Dr.

Wiersbe Author, Conference Speaker Having taught and written in the area of hermeneutics for almost thirty years, I am convinced that there is biblw more important course in the seminary curriculum for training in the scriptures.

In another section of this chapter Zuck reconciles the use of figurative language with literal interpretation. While this book will be well received in the classroom, it is one that I will be wholeheartedly recommending to my congregation. It focuses on the bible as the Word of God and handles that Word with “reverence and godly fear. Zuck shifts his attention to interpreting prophecy in chapter ten Being able to properly handle the Word of God is critical.

In addition to his career in higher education, Dr. Overall, Zuck has done an excellent job covering all of his bases and has made this volume a useful tool for an exegete at any level.

Mar 25, Stephen Willcox rated it liked it. Although he finds dispensationalism in every shadow, I highly recommend this title for the real help it gives.