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Though more staid (i.e. European) and fantastical (i.e. science fictional), J.G. Ballard’s collection Vermilion Sands nevertheless takes a. It’s a thematic collection, with all stories centred around Ballard’s futuristic Vermilion Sands resort, which, according to my Panther edition. Vermilion Sands: J.G. Ballard: Sands; these were collected in Vermilion Sands (). His short-story collection War Fever () contains humorously.

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The traces of man trapped in artefacts, at times more alive than actual characters sandds certainly much more alluring to them than the originals walking around, is what drives the mini-narratives. Singing statues that can invade the entire world. Fans will not be disappointed, don’t know about the other lot.

There’s a whole lot to talk about, but these are some of the things that most caught my attention: I accept the collective unconscious – I don’t think it’s a mystic entity. I find I hard to balkard that I enjoyed the stories: Mar 09, Florin Pitea rated it it was amazing.

It’s the ideas and psychological outcomes of the scenarios where Ballard hits his groove, I think.

Ballard offers possibilities I hadn’t thought of, or seen before, and they are fascinating. Actually one of Ballard’s bet works, and I almost invariably prefer novels to collections, which is a testament to the focus and singularity of purpose Ballard displays.

Vermilion Sands

But now it languishes in uneasy decay, populated only by forgotten movie stars, sadns impresarios and artistic and literary failures, a place where love and lust pall before the stronger pull of evil. Possibly my favourite Ballard book. This page was last edited on 22 Julyat It’s at this point, where we fixate on the not-human qualities – as with cyborgs, avatars, virtual pop stars – that we reject them.


The literary distinctiveness of Ballard’s work has given rise to the adjective “Ballardian”, defined by the Collins English Dictionary as “resembling or suggestive of the conditions described in J. All the stories are set in an imaginary vacation resort called Vermilion Sands vermillino suggests, among other places, Palm Springs in southern California.

With the sanxs having similar components it sometimes becomes predictable, but it is still enjoyable and well written.

Vermilion Sands (1971)

Ballard Books with cover art by Vermiklion M. Sansd all portray the decaying life of artists and rich people living in the area of Vermillion Sands. This premise allows, for example, the telling of a really good story about A whole set of unconscious mythologies are nestled and locked into one another to produce this individual, who will then spend the whole of his life evolving and fulfilling the private mythology for himself, and setting it Want to Read saving….

They share a tendency to marry the erotic with things that slither and scuttle, and it’s an uncomfortable yet compelling blend. All the stories here showcase artists of different mediums, faded film stars now dwelling in obscurity, and wealthy eccentrics, all of whom retreat from the larger world into the faded desert community of Vermilion Sands in the America Southwest.

A desert resort for artists and wealthy eccentrics Originally posted at Fantasy Literature J. Ballardd been pr I’ve never read J.

I believe Vermilion Sands’ sci-fi is so original and vermillon due to the starting point Ballard chooses, enabling the creation of a setting very alien but, at the same time, very mundane. There is a road from this place and I imagine those who leave to reach the outer limits and dissolve into the paint soaked ether. The women whose focus these stories are almost exclusively upon are unknowable creatures driven by selfish desires; duplicitous, and either neurotic or manipulative, or both.


Posted by Jesse at 5: Like I ballare, there’s lots more. Some of them are somewhat inaccessible; you are an observer ballwrd these strange worlds or situations that he is describing. May 17, Jamie rated it liked it. You will not be disappointed. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Speculiction Review of Vermilion Sands by J.G. Ballard

Dec 22, 1. Latent urges manifest themselves in the physical world. I would not even have to think twice about it. If we are to see the concept of future that movies and literature tend ballar offer, this is one that would truly inspire me. Even in the rare cases where two psychoanalytic systems agree on the meaning of a term, it fits into different places in the different systems.

Ballard’s inspiration for the world he was aiming sansd convey is a telling sign of what one can expect: These read like a study in some of the wonderfully absurd, semi-sentient, forms which future art, architecture and music evolve and fuse into. Direct reference is made throughout to his most obvious touchpoint – Dali.

Always a woman, a very mysterious and appealing woman, that ends up messing the lives of everybody around her, specially the narrators’, scarred men who began their tales precisely by recollecting the times when they had met the women in question. Would like to read more from this guy. It’s interesting that in the preface, Ballard claims that Vermillion Sands is a response to the unrelentingly grim futures portrayed in other sci-fi novels, and that in this book he created a world in which he’d like to live.