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Balefire is a fantasy novel series by Cate Tiernan, the author of the Sweep (aka Wicca) series. In the American Library Association picked A Chalice of. Cate Tiernan’s series Sweep was all I would read (yes, just over and over) in the 8th grade. I was totally addicted. In high school I “nostalgically” went to that. Cate Tiernan Long-lost twin witches and hidden magical powers make for a gripping The Balefire coven has tried and failed to replicate the original rite that .

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Balefire Series

In the American Library Association picked A Chalice of Wind as one of their notable children’s books for that year. As they learn the truth, sacrifices has been made and Clio and Thais seems to be distant to each other.

How do I feel about this book? I’m finally done with this book? I did give this book 3 stars after all, but I just felt, after knowing balrfire a masterpiece Tiernan can write with the Sweep series, that Chalice of Wind could have been better.

Sometimes I work at night or on the weekends, on vacations, etc. The only ones I trusted, Thais and Clio, were only trusted because you could yb what was going on in their head.

If you read baldfire and enjoy it, be sure to let me know. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There was so much to do and see, and so many interesting people to watch.

In case you don’t know, this book is really four books all mashed up into one. Clio was so unlikeable, she used her looks to hook up with pretty much any guy she thought was somewhat hot. Some were hoping to finally die, others to discover new reaches of power. What about the other romances?


Balefire (novel series)

Poor, poor Kevin, having to date an idiot. Thais will strike bloody revenge at Daedal Well done Tiernan you achieved what you set out to do Due to my book OCDness I had to finish what I started so the chapters I did read I tiefnan one here and there My friend gave me this book cause I needed something to read and warned me ahead of time that she didn’t like it at all and it wasn’t very good BUT her sister loved it.

I can’t quite figure out whether there are going to be any more books in bg series, but I don’t think I’ll read them since this one had enough of a ‘finished’ feeling to it to let me off. She wasted over 60 pages repeating the book over and over again, seriously, I’m currently reading this book, I don’t need it to repeat again.

It’s a very beautiful city, and the ballefire heat and humidity make gardens grow out of contro “was born in New Orleans, LA, in Manon’s thoughts are never given in the Treize’s chapters. More about Cate Tiernan. I get that Tiernan is just trying to keep things mysterious, a suspenseful surprise, but it didn’t come out as such.

I definitely related with Thais more, as she is more quiet and content to kind of be the good girl. Are you all that stupid! So there will be spoilers. What follows this discovery of estranged twins, is a family secret, spells gone wrong, a web of lies and evil and mystery.

I have read most of her Sweep series, which I loved as well.

Clio starts studying with Deadalaus against Thias’ warnings. I wish you were real! Clio is everything sexy and smart, she knows how to wrap a guy around her finger and also be great friends with other girls!


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She’s an incredibly imaginative and empathetic writer with a gift for creating a rich, sensual world. I get what Richard and even Marcel had to offer Cerise, but really, Daedalus?

I wouldn’t have minded re-reading the hunger games for the 6th time. Great for magic and fantasy lovers alike! Sadly, this author really just doesn’t know how to write a good story. Thais doesn’t have these qualities, but the we-all-deserve-to-die attitude is interesting. To make matters work, this “author” actually has the nerve to make him seem like a good guy, like he’s really sorry about cheating on them, oh and then brings up that he has to get one of them to love him if there plan is to work.

I feel like the ending should have been drawn out just a little bit more or even the epilogue. American fantasy novel series Young adult novel series Young adult balefirre novels Contemporary fantasy novels American young adult novels Cxte fantasy novels Novels set in New Orleans Fictional characters who use magic Witchcraft in written fiction.

Balefire (novel series) – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It just kept getting worse and worse and worse. Dec 28, Monique rated it liked it. Jul 23, Malavi rated it it was amazing Shelves: And that was certainly true with me.

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