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Here is Prem Chand’s short story Bade Bhai Sahib translated by me. MY ELDER .. a very good translation of prem chandjis bade bhai sahab. Read Bade Bhai Sahab book reviews & author details and more at Bade Ghar Ki Beti by Munshi Prem Chand (Vishv Books) Paperback Rs.

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Himanshu marked it as to-read May 18, But who runs his house? Anonymous June 17, at 8: Aakash S December 16, at 6: May be, he realized he had lost the right. I felt far freer. Many of them are our leaders, or newspaper editors.

Lists with This Book. Do you think it is easy to pfemchand whether a certain event took place in the reign of this or that Henry? It may look unpalatable to me now, yet it might be that I passed these examinations one after the other with good marks because of his sermonizing.

बड़े भाई साहब

These figures of course cannot not be used to decide the relative literary merits, or even the popularity of these stories. Short story with a glimpse of satire on Indian education. He was so ssahab … always engrossed in books. Always the pdemchand question in the same tone; and my answer was only silence. By chance just at that very moment a kite came floating over our heads. Pride totally destroyed him. Then we would be in the same class, and he would lose the high ground to humiliate me.


Get up at 6 sharp, finish breakfast… 6 to 8 English, 8 to 9 Math, 9 to 9.

Sickness is something serious. To have passed an examination is not enough; the real thing is the acquisition of wisdom. Anonymous November 4, at 2: And it so happened that once again I got through and Bhai Sahib flunked.

One becomes wise not by reading books but by seeing the premchad. For example, once I saw this writing in his notebook: It was as if a blind man should by chance nab a partridge.

Every word of what you say is true. Sep 12, Gunjan rated it it was amazing. They see only what is written in the books.

Bade Bhai Sahab (बड़े भाई साहब), Munshi Premchand | Download on Dailyhunt

Tomorrow, if I fall sick, you will surely panic and send a telegram to Dada, but Dada in your place, would never react like that. So you see, do away with that false pride. If you have to waste your life in this manner, then it is better you go home and play Gulli-danda. I would try to run away from his bbade, escape his notice and enter the room tiptoeing.

And sometimes he would write a set of words that made no sense at all. Anonymous December 5, at I was the younger and he the elder. Why stick to the same name again and again?

INTERACTIONS: Prem Chand’s short story ‘Bade Bhai Sahib’ in English

Bhai sahib failed; and I passed, securing the first position in the class. A really good translation. For instance, once I found the following etched in his notebook: My blog is relatively obscure and very few people, mostly my friends, come to view my blog drawn by my name or forced by me. In no time I would work out a timetable. But most readers of Premchand come to my blog accidentally while surfing for Premchand. He earns a handsome Rs.


Really found it hard to understand it in the school text. If he tried to meddle I would tell him plainly: God alone save you from geometry. He would then proceed to caution me in his inimitable style. The timetable would have no provision whatsoever for play: How could the great monument of knowledge stand tall without a strong foundation?

I myself never felt at home with books. However, to make a timetable is one thing, to put it into practice another. They were all unmindful of the things around. It was as if they were flying with that kite in a sky that was level and open, and free from cars, trams or any kind of vehicles. Rajeev Saini rated it really liked it Nov 14,