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One morning Babbitty was watching their foolishness from the window of her little The story of Babbitty Rabbitty and Her Cackling Stump, as we know, brings. “Babbitty Rabbity and her Cackling Stump” is about a foolish king who decided that he should have the power of magic. He commanded his army to form a. “Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump” begins (as good fairy tales often do) long ago and in a faraway land. A greedy and “foolish king” decides that he.

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Being gullible is also a trait that the King expresses, that is why, ccackling the storyhe swallows the preposterous suggestions of both the Charlatan and Babbitty. Retrieved from ” http: This could relate to when Harry sets too much store on the prophecy assuming that it is going to happen anyway without him trying which Dumbledore shows is wrong, and when Babbity mentions that “henceforth, every stroke of harm that you inflict upon my cackping witches and wizards feel like an axe stroke in your own side, until you wish you could of it!

But more than just a story about the triumph of a clever witch, the tale warns against human weaknesses of greed, arrogance, snd and duplicity, and shows how these errant but not evil characters come to learn the error of their ways.

Another copy of the same book was put into auction on November The book is a leather bound manuscript decorated with Rhodochrosite A precious stone and a silver skull. The witch told them that the King was cursed, and that everytime a witch or wizard was harmed, the King himself would feel physical pain as though he himself were being cut in half.

Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump

The Muggle confesses he is a fraud, and Babbitty tells them that the King is cursed, and he’ll feel an axe stroke every time a witch or wizard is harmed. He creates a “Brigade of Witch Hunters” and calls for an instructor in magic. Should Wizards use their magical abilities to help Muggles? The youngest brother Death never manages to find, as he stays hidden under his Cloak. And well, if I’m doing six I really have to do seven, and the seventh book will be for this cause, which is so close to my heart.


Afterwards, a “stout old rabbiitty with a wand in its teeth hops out from a hole beneath the stump and leaves the kingdom. Soon after the foundation of the Brigade, the King wanted to learn how to use magic. And so he is driven to take rabbifty force a truly human heart.


Seeing her as a real witch, and both the source and solution of his problems, he demands her help, or he will turn her over to the Brigade. The middle brother asks for the ability to resurrect the dead, so Death gives him the Resurrection Stone. Pleased with his achievements, he greets Death as an old friend and chooses to leave with him as equals.

The third challenge, crossing a river, requires them to pay with “the treasure of [their] past”.

This enraged the King, who demanded that the charlatan help him babbitry in front of his subjects to show off his new abilities. Unlike the other tales, in which the magic is legendary and not real, as a magical hopping pot or fountain of fortune, the Babbity Rabbitty tale contains real magic. Since then, two of these people have been named. Once installed as the head sorcerer and private instructor to the King, the charlatan demands gold for magical rabbltty, rubies for creating charms, and silver cups for potions.

King (Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump)

Wizards and witches in general loathed the King for creating the Brigade of Witch-Huntersan organisation that hunted wizards and witches. While the King and the Charlatan were practising waving their twigs, hopping in circles, and chanting meaningless rhymes, they heard Babbitty laughing hysterically from her cottage. The oldest brother resolves a previous qualm by killing the man he quarreled with by use of the wand, but his bragging about his powerful wand ends with him robbed of it and murdered while he is asleep.

To save her, Altheda brews an invigorating potion that also cures Asha of her disease and need of the fountain. The third, Amata, is distraught after being rabbitry by her beloved. Sign In Don’t have an account? He was a foolish and gullible ruler who condemned magic, which led to his founding of the Brigade of Witch-Hunters. Soon after, an old rabbit appears out of a hole in the heer with a wand in its mouth, revealing that Babbity has been hiding in her Animagus form, and she leaves the kingdom.


The King promises it will be done, and erects a statue of her made of gold. Retrieved 31 July Posted by aranel on June 7, 5: Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump Autora: There is a storybook of the same name mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsthe last book of the Harry Potter series.

Posted by Apoorva from India on September 5, The charlatan confessed to being a fraud. O Chamado do Cuco.

Retrieved 21 May No real wizards or witches dared to respond for they were hiding from the Brigade of Witch-Hunters. The Muggle points to the bush, and says a wicked witch is blocking them. No further comments are allowed. He is quite selfish hed this demonstrated in the story by his ability to not care about how many wizards and witches he has to kill to get want he wants.

The book acts as the vehicle for introducing the Deathly Hallows to the trio. Retrieved 18 June Upon doing this, the pot’s ailments are removed one by one and the son’s ordeal finally ends one day when the slipper he received from his father falls out of the pot; he puts the slipper on the pot’s foot and the two walk off into the sunset.

Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump | Harry Potter Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Because of this fear, they made accusations here and there and, occasionally got one right, but they didn’t. He is dragged to the dungeon, but Babbitty is anf finished with her foolish king. Harry Potter Spelling Reference. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard “.

The crowd is wild, and the tree is cut down.