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UWP Model , Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve – Conforms to AWWA C – DI Bodies translate into pure strength achieving three times that of Cast Iron alone. AWWA C Rubber-Seated Butterfly Valves. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: The butterfly valves shall conform to the latest edition of AWWA-C Standard for Rubber Seated Flanged AWWA Butterfly Valves. The valves and actuators.

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If a leakage test in both directions is required.

Valve port diameter b. Homepage About Us Contact Us. The test shall be conducted with the disc in the horizontal plane. Shaft seals shall be designed for the use of standard V-type packing; O-ring seals; O-ring loaded U-cup seals; or a pull-down packing. Butterfly Valves can be used in any installation where throttling is desired in relatively clean liquid services.

The disc shall be free of hollow chambers. The single piece Stainless Steel shaft is capable of high torques and will handle any actuator on the market via the mounting plate. Be sure valve interiors and adjacent piping are cleaned of foreign material prior to mating up valve-to-pipe-joint connection. The person, company, or organization that purchases any materials or work to be performed. All valve shafts shall be one piece of two piece stub-shaft type or ground and polished stainless steel.

Impregnation of mating-seat surfaces is not permitted. The liquid-penetrant examination of the test sample shall show no linear indications or porosity on, or adjacent to, the seating surface.

AWWA is the largest organization of water professionals in the world. Generally, modern butterfly-valve designs for water service include cast-body construction in psi kPapsi kPapsi 1,kPaand psi 1,kPa pressure classes; flanged, mechanical-joint, and wafer wawa rubber seats in valve bodies or on the valve discs; and operating conditions limited by the awwa shutoff pressure and velocities of water flow that produce torques considered maximum for the shaft size used.

This may result in a significant unwarranted expense. A awwz, raised-area boss member cast integrally on the valve body and used to support the valve-shaft bearing and valve shaft. The action becomes effective on the first day of the month following the month of Journal AWWA publication of the official notice.


Flow direction can affect the torque requirements and throttling characteristics of valves with offset discs or discs that do awws have identical surface configurations on each side. To evaluate the health effects of products and drinking water additives from such products, state and local agencies may use various references, including 1.

Science and Technology AWWA unites the entire water community by developing and distributing authoritative scientific and technological knowledge. A manufacturer may have a recommended high-pressure sealing side for longterm reliability. The actuator shall be designed to control the valve in all positions, from fully open to fully closed and from fully closed to fully open, with control in any intermediate position.

Interior and exterior coating materials Sec.

Ductile Iron AWWA Butterfly Valve, Rs /piece, SVR Global Solutions India | ID:

Determine current information on product certification. There is no standard laying length for class flanged-end bodies or mechanical-joint end bodies, except as footnoted in Table 2.

Interior and exterior surfaces, except finished or bearing surfaces, shall be carefully prepared by removing dirt, grease, and rust and shall be cleaned to the extent that the coating will bond to surfaces. The connection between the shaft and the disc shall be designed to transmit shaft torque equivalent to at least 75 percent of the torsional strength of the minimum required shaft diameters. Valves shall be fitted with sleeve-type bearings contained in the hubs of the valve body.

VF264 AWWA C504 Double Flanged

Successful completion of the test will identify the design methods used in a series of actuators within the torque ranges listed as suitable. A circular seal between the valve shaft and the inside cylindrical surface of the body hub that prevents the pressurized water from exiting and outside contaminants from entering the valve body in the area where the shaft protrudes through the awa.

Circumferential joints of rubber seats shall be bonded together. The party that supplies material or services. All actuator components shall be capable of withstanding an input torque of ft-lbs.

Municipal Products

Actuator housings, supports, and connections to the valve shall be designed with a minimum safety factor of 5, based on the ultimate tensile strength, or a minimum safety factor of 3, based on the yield strength of materials used.


When valves fitted with power actuators and c04 are stored, energize electric actuators or otherwise protect electrical-control equipment to prevent corrosion of electrical contacts caused by condensation resulting from temperature variation.

Every cycle shall consist of applying the rated differential pressure to the disc in the closed position, then opening the valve which will relieve the pressure to the wide-open position, and then closing the disc. This standard does not describe all possible applications or manufacturing technologies. Many butterfly valves have different sealing characteristics on one side vs.

Considerations relating to anticipated problems with rubber components exposed to line content containing chlorine, chloramines, or other chemicals. Valve shafts or extensions of the valve shaft shall be designed for connection to actuators, as described in Sec. AWWA standards describe minimum requirements and do not contain all of the engineering and administrative information normally contained in specifications.

Turbulence will be considered only if information on piping conditions is provided according c540 item 27 of Sec. The valve is bubble tight at full rated pressure allowing for aawa end service. This standard does not require rubber parts to be specifically tested or to be specifically suitable for service with line content containing chlorine or chloramines. A rubber ring around the outside edge of the valve disc or the inside of the valve body to effect a seal against the metal seating surface when the disc is closed.

Major changes included the addition of certain sprayed-metal seat surfaces and nonmetallic cylinder components as acceptable materials. Class B discs shall be ductile iron, fabricated steel, cast steel, or stainless steel. The adequacy is to be demonstrated by testing valves selected to represent each basic type of seat design in each applicable size group in Table 6 and in a pressure class or classes equal to or greater than awwa valves being purchased.

Actuator manufacturer, model, and torque capability Sec.