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Scenario cards for all North Sea scenarios, the Battle of Coronel, the Battle of the Falkland Islands, and hypothetical battles for the pursuit of the. Regal Miniatures miniature ships mounted on the counters of the Avalon Hill boardgame Jutland. We used the Advanced Jutland rules – right out of the box. I have the counters, rules, plot maps, task forces boards, time record sheets, The game featured in a number of editions of the old Avalon Hill.

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DBSA is not commercial but sounds interesting.

Eache individual component is tracked. The main changes were twofold.

[TMP] “Any quick Jutland Rules?” Topic

The counters are about 2. You can either use ship miniatures to play out the tactical rules or substitute a miniatures game to fight tactical battles. One more vote for AH Jutland.

A large room was required to play at this scale. Find More Posts by woodchuck. By “errata” I mean jutlan what I consider to be obvious mistakes, while “suggestions” are errata of a more subjective nature. The British were soon reinforced by the Battle cruiser force from Rosythe and then the main German force showed up to reinforce his Battle Cruisers.


I’ve done it twice with GQ2, worked very well. The scenario provides for a clash between the two countries’ pre-dreadnoughts.

Find More Posts by The Colonel. Jutland Search Map Variant By: The German admiral sent his battle cruisers towards the English Channel to cut off and sink the British force of older ships stationed there.

Jutland (game)

Return to the Jackson Gamers’ Homepage. Retrieved from ” https: The Regal miniatures are small enought that they fit exactly onto the Jutland game counters. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. America Invades World at War: Jutland Advanced Game Tables. It also corrects some minor typos. I’ve never played it so I can’t comment on the quality of the rules.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: The game is unusual for an Avalon Hill game in that there is no mapboard.

Jutlanv our next game both sides will have completed some repairs to damaged ships, but none of the sunken ones will be raised! All times are GMT South yorkshire, united kingdom. Views Read Edit View history. People have mentioned Seekreig to me, but it looks avaln little chromed for a place to start Willing and expect to see some abstraction, simple gunnery and torpedo tables, destroyer flotillas versus all individual ships, etc.

Some caveats Only interested in commercially released rules, not home brew Willing and expect to see some abstraction, simple gunnery and torpedo tables, destroyer flotillas versus all individual ships, etc.


Noting the continuing enthusiasm for GQ2, what are the chances of persuading Mr Navwar to reprint them? I have a copy. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The Game-Master, Jay Stribling, leans forward to try to focus tired old eyes on really small ships. Please come back and visit again! For Seekreig V, you can get detailed ship data sheets for almost everything that floated, or was palnned to float, from around to or so. Some hits, like auxiliary steering, only have effects if the main system is hit.

Comes with a hex map of the North Sea for both sides to plot their moves, and juttland all the abstractions you asked for. The Germans were handling the British ships very roughly when, warned by radio intercepts before the Germans even left port, Admiral Jellicoe arrived with the Grand fleet. Each fleet starts in port and players plot map moves until encounters occur, at which point you set up the tactical battles.