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अनुवाद) – Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya. Item Code: NZJ Cover: Paperback . Edition: Publisher: Randhir Prakashan, Haridwar. Language: Sanskrit. The Sanskrit words for pervaded and pervader are vyapya and vyapaka, meaning the particular and the universal. The particular is pervaded. Avadhuta Gita (अवधूत गीता) glossed ‘Hymn of the Holy Fool’ Dattatreya (attrib. ), translated from Sanskrit by Wikisource · Chapter 1→.

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Importantly, a historicity of the relationship of the Nirguna Brahaman and the Dharmakaya and the Sirguna Brahman with the Rupakaya which subsumes the Sambhogakaya and the Nirmanakaya would be of value. In whatever place yogis die, in whatever state, there they dissolve, as the space of a jar dissolves into the sky. If it is of the nature of the Self, how can there be Samadhi? Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts. How can you think the Self to be full of joy or joyless?

Liberated – The Self cannot be “liberated”, since it was never bound. Part of a series on. You indeed are the Truth, like the sky. I have never, ever, received such beautifully and carefully packed items from India in all my years of ordering. CS1 Sanskrit-language sources sa. The particular is pervaded by or constituted of the universal. Know the Self to be immutable. Only the Absolute exists, transcending difference and non-difference.


Hinduism EBooks: Avadhuta Gita – Sanskrit text with English translation

Monday February 15, By such sentences as “That thou art,” our own Self is affirmed. He perceives the Absolute, the All, within himself. Echoes of Silence Avadhut Gita Revisited. Indian Buddhist Tantra Anuttarayoga Tantra. Seated meditation helps clarify the mindstream. For the extended semantic field for each of the terms in this verse please refer: It is Itself the Truth. I am the nectar of Knowledge – beyond the senses, pure. Very speed and fine.

The intention of this needs to be made clear. Know that I am by nature pure, homogeneous, bodiless, like the sky. The Self can be neither particular nor universal, as both these designations imply distinction, sansirit, and limitation. If you are free of the pervaded and pervader, if you are one and fulfilled, how can you think of yourself as directly perceptible by the senses or beyond the range of the senses?

There is no pot; there is saskrit pot’s interior space.

Avadhuta Gita – Wikipedia

Share our website with your friends. Full of joy – Here “joy” is used in the sense of relative joy as perceived by the senses and the mind. This does not, of course, preclude the possibility of an oral transmission to that point in time.

I am filled with wonder! There exists neither complete void nor voidlessness, neither truth nor untruths of the scriptures, has uttered this spontaneously from avadhuat own nature. Classics of mystical literature series.


Avadhuta Gita

O beloved friend, how shall I bow to my own Self, in my Self? Pages from the book. What I do, what I eat, what I sacrifice, what I give – all this is not mine in the least. It certainly is not purified by the destruction of the mind.

Rather than denoting a particular deity, ‘Ishvara’ in this context may be read less as an absolute and fixed wvadhuta in a particular divine personality and more of a role, a position description and divine quality. For you there is neither birth nor death, for you there is no mind, for you there is neither bondage nor liberation, neither good nor evil. Namarupa denotes more than ‘name’ nama and ‘form’ rupa it denotes the continuum of bodymind where ‘nama’ is the intangible mind and ‘rupa’ is the tangible body.

The avadhuta is released from ritual observance. Similarly Maya is also personified as a Goddess that is represented throughout Dharmic Traditions in different forms and guises. All such qualifications of the Self or Soul are denied in ssanskrit as well as in other verses.

Know that which has form to be false, that which is formless to be eternal.