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the AUDIPACK “SILENT Series” Interpreter booths. The Silent Series consists of three versions, the Silent , the Silent and All versions are fully. by users, have resulted in the Audipack “Silent Series”. Interpreter booths. The Silent Series consists of four versions, the Silent , the Silent , and . users, have resulted in the Audipack “SILENT Series” Inter- preter booths. The Silent Series consists of three versions, the Silent , the Silent and .

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Grey, code approx. Transport packaging chipwood Disclaimer: Therefore the Silent WE is available in a right- and left entrance model.

Assembly aid Part no.: Desktop booths, in the absence of the rear wall, cannot provide for the acoustic insulation, they only look like sound-proof. Created by Desart Studio. A large working table suitable to carry al needed equipment and leaving space for personal items in a special compartment underneath the table top. The Audipack Silent WE is an interpreta- A clear view is given by the 4 large sound insula- tion booth based on the booth. The Silent up to mm for 4 persons. Standard internal dimensions Standard external dimensions Booth height including ventilation system A Booth height including ventilation system B Standard table dimensions Sound insulation capacity Number of booth parts including table Entrance width x x mm x x mm mm mm x mm Better than ISO latest version 11 parts mm Weight: Transportable Easy to set up Standard suited for 2 persons.

A large working table suitable to carry al needed equipment. By is suited to all types of conference system. BeeKiteCamp — is a picturesque event of the summer season, first time to be held on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Currently it is hard to imagine any worthy project without preliminary objects layout draughtsman ship, or art lighting idea development.

The majority of event-companies of Moscow sports palaces, concert-halls, clubs, restaurants, hotels, fitness-centers, expo centers are among our permanent clients. More product details can be found on our website, www.


In comparence with the Silentwhich allows a free panel cconfiguration, the Silent WE is specially designed to provide an extra wide entrance and does not allow to set-up the booth in any configuration. Silent WE portable interpreter booth. We expand our knowledge; we develop, and always learn our lessons and never lose an opportunity to solidify our achievements. You tell the guards that you are in a company warehouse “Spin Music Service” and drive through the right and to the right about 20 meters Here you on the spot – Park in the red columns, but not at the ramp ramp is only for loading and unloading of equipment!

Simply connect a window and blind panel with a corner post profile by using the supplied alan key. By positioning the first panel with the aid, it can be left free standing. This type of booth is special designed for use for physically disabled interpreters with wheelchair. Ryabinovaya, 53, Moscow, Russia, [ print location map ]. Silent Series, including space for the table, ventilation-system and lighting equipment.

P The Audipack Silent WE is a modular, easy to mount interpreter booth with a wide entrance for wheelchairs. P The transport cart carries 1 complete Silent booth. Silent series The basic build up of a booth Benefits: Cable ducts in the side panels Technical testing specifications: The simultaneous interpreter booths have high-level sound insulation, in compliance with ISO norms; The ventilation system of the booth includes two ultra silent fans integrated in the thickness of the roof panels which create an ideal working environment for the simultaneous interpreters; The standard, painted grey office exterior of the interpreter booth; The assembly of the simultaneous interpreter booth needs one Hex key only, and two people which contributes a lot to its transportability feature; The interpreter booth is comfortable enough to accommodate 2 or 3 simultaneous interpreters.

Conference Equipment for rent and sales.

Silent series product guide chapter. Including window panel, blind panel, roof elements and table extension x mm Flightcase for Silent 2 pers. The roof elements are connected with Note: Silent flightcase on wheels front loader Flightcase on wheels for the Silent interpreter booth for 2 persons, including table and ventilation system.


Audipack Silent P Interpreter booth. Any panel can be placed on any position. The con- DIN The interpreter booth serves for the purpose of acoustic insulation of simultaneous interpreter desks. Silent simultaneous interpretation booths are in compliance with all the European standards: Please, incline the device to activate a landscape format. Use the supplied alan-key to lock the panels into each other.

The flightcase has a detachable front lid. Soundproofing foams have been put on a washable imitation leather, perforated, giving a good global aspect for the interior.

Audipack Debuts Silent , an ISO Certified Sound Booth – rAVe [Publications]

The large working table provides plenty of space to install any type of equipment. There is Next to environment-friendly wood types and also a special flightcase for an extended Silent recycled materials, the end product is packed and x mm.

Special transportation cases serve for the purpose of transportation and storage of the interpreter booths and extension module sets. Silrnt Company provides a specific service, which is unique for the Russian market, i. Safety glass 6 mm is used for the window elements. Attach a file please download file in the archive: Its standard colour is light grey, Audipack codeother colours are available on demand. Equipment Solent working space is created, covering the total width of the booth.

Audipack Silent Auipack Interpreter booth The Audipack Silent is a portable interpreter booth for 2 interpreters or commentators, but can be extended for up to 3 persons.

Audipack Silent series

In the side panels a cable duct is interpreter booth suitable for 2 persons and installed to easily guide the equipment cables to is suited to all types of conference system. Table dimensions are large enough to install different kinds of equipment, such as the simultaneous interpreter desk, desk lamp, lap top. In this way the booth can be enlarges A large working table suitable to carry al audipavk equipment.