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The first amplifier with such a number and Audiolab logo was released almost thirty years ago, but with the index “A”. At that time the company was British and. The revived Audiolab name has also seen a revival of some familiar-looking model names, but the most famous of those, the A. Find great deals for Audiolab S Stereo Integrated Amplifier (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Our Verdict A practical and smart amplifier that won’t give any nasty surprises. Lighting and Effects Disco Lights. We Offer Part Exchange. There are three line level inputs, three tape loops, and full remote control. Showroom Open Mon – Fri: Audiolab has used heatsinking on a number of other components, several of which are also thermally linked together, presumably to maintain matching of characteristics between pairs. Much the same held true in the opera track, where all agreed there was a nice flow to the track but limited soundstaging detail.

In keeping with the traditionalist theme, almost all the stages are based on discrete transistors – we spotted just one good quality op-amp.

Only two things date this amp: Audkolab Outkast’s Speakerboxxxand the S throws out a vivid sound. It was also felt here that dynamics rather lagged the best around.

Audiolab S | TechRadar

Larger, more complex works drew a mixed reaction. Thanks in part to the economies of offshore audiokab, the case is a deluxe affair with an aluminium extrusion for the front panel, while the rest is steel, the top of which is mechanically damped to prevent ringing.


Phone Lines Open Mon – Fri: There are currently no reviews for this product. Take some effort to get things right, and this is still a competitive amp — and the fact it sells for less than the original says much for Audiolab’s determination to be competitive.

Of course, the output transistors a single pair per channel of large high-speed bipolar types are mounted on a heatsink. The amp combines musical energy and revealing detail.

What Hi-Fi?

But otherwise, the similarities far outweigh the differences. Earn points [? Our Verdict The S is still a decent amplifier, but is no longer the class-leader it once was. Send to a friend. Click on the image to enlarge. Marantz PM Integrated Amplifier. Similar comments were made about the baroque chamber piece; vague zudiolab imaging, but tonally precise and rhythmically taut, too.

Both are good old-fashioned rotary switches, but the ‘listen’ one is motorised and hence remote-controllable, and in fact operates relays at the rear of the unit. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra track which we’ve found a useful arbiter precisely because it’s a good but not great recording ‘timed’ very well and sounded generally lively and energetic.

Audiolab S Stereo Integrated Amplifier.

Our own sighted listening to this amp confirmed that it is talented tonally, but less confident in 8000x and fine detail.


Audlolab serial number is E There’s little richness, so if you want an easy listen, best look elsewhere, but the rest of us can enjoy a punchy, clear presentation that has no trouble making sense of Big Boi’s rapid-fire lyrics. Able to operate in any one of five modes the S is a more than worthy replacement for – and an essential addition to – any home with a audio,ab for high quality audio.

It offers unique system flexibility – for use as a straight-forward integrated amplifier or as part of an expanding system with add-on power amplifiers or as part of a home cinema system. The S is a faithful remake of a mids design, and it stands up well today.

Audiolab S Integrated Amplifiers user reviews : out of 5 – 44 reviews –

The volume control is likewise a motorised mechanical part. Sound is powerful and dynamic, always exciting, yet subtle details are never lost. The Audiolab S is a legendary amplifier, capable of driving speakers ranging from the easiest to the toughest loads.

For Punchy and clear sound decent build good feature set. Spatially, 8000x was closed in, but there was still plenty of air around the sound and all the instrumental lines were easy to follow.