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In Aubrey Scoon passed away. His web site remained up on the web until the domain name expired last year. Since his web site is no long available and. Aubrey Scoon’s ‘s Beam Rays Clinical replica Rife Machine was originally mistaken for a genuine Beam Rays instrument built by Philip Hoyland . Aubrey Scoon`s early `s Beam Rays Replica Rife Machine, Aubrey Scoon s s Beam Rays Clinical replica Rife Machine was originally mistaken for a.

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The model submitted herein is Model EICO which is manufactured and sold by them as a commercial item. Thehertz multiplied by 17 give us a frequency of 3, hertz. By design we mean that this oscillator used an incandescent light bulb in the circuit patented by Hewlett-Packard which stabilized the audio oscillator frequencies and waveform which it output.

Just this information alone should have indicated that this machine was not an original machine built in The audio frequencies used in Aubrey Scoon’s instrument must have the RF carrier frequency of 3.

For the moment, I don’t think there will be any harm in using these. John Bedini was correct in his belief that it was not an original machine built by the Beam Ray Corporation.

> circuits > Aubrey Scoons early s Beam Rays Replica Rife Machine l –

It wasn’t until we were able to get the original Beam Ray Clinical instrument and figure out how it worked did we have the ability to determine how Aubrey Scoon’s Beam Ray Clinical instrument really worked.

We look at the content to assess how well maintained it is. Multiple Wave Oscillator click here to view. Aunrey new scooj of pad instrument used aluminum discs to come in contact with the body of the user instead of using a plasma tube.


Rife’s instruments, from the first to the last, worked on the same principles and the same high RF frequencies, or higher harmonics of Dr.

For the above reasons, it is presently difficult to arrive at clear conclusions of the effectiveness, nor lack of, of these and similar technologies. Had they used a spectrum analyzer there is a possibility that they may have figured out how this instrument really worked, but they did not.

Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator. Below are three more photos. On this Rife Directory, we are trying to link to as many Rife-related websites as we can find. Rife use audio frequencies? Not even the s AZ replica was accepted either.

It must be kept in mind that the power in the primary RF carrier frequency aubreu the sidebands depend on the power of the machine and the number of harmonic sidebands created by the audio frequency used. The Rife aubrwy 4 frequencies could be one quarter of one percent off, because of the limits of the ‘s technology, if Philip Hoyland only read the frequency one time. To verify frequencies range and strength, we asked a certified laboratory to conduct independent testing by an accredited lab, and will posted the results.

A higher concentration of Colloidal Silver means more immediate contact with any virus or other pathogen. Rife’s engineer, Verne Thompson, sometime in or later.

Aubrey Scoons early 1940s Beam Rays Replica Rife Machine

I had the good fortune to have known Aubrey personally, having met him in the UK back in Rife was the greatest genius or the greatest charlatan would probably be proven by someone with facts – one way, or another, and, while the promises of greatness appear to be svoon, the simple facts are still shaky.


Unfortunately, this is not enough to get rid of a cancer altogether. The information in the next two paragraphs should actually be in Chapter Even though there are many aubrdy produced in the Beam Rays Clinical instrument which makes it all but impossible to figure out the true M. Low did not have any frequency list that came with it showing us what frequency band or dial settings should be used for the various microorganisms. Until now we have not had the M.

If you want a higher resolution copy of this schematic click here.

What is a Rife ray tube and how does it work? To clearly state it, the graphs correctly show that the power is more evenly distributed throughout the sidebands. The respective webmaster of those websites we link to, is exclusively responsible for the content shown.

With this knowledge we know that this is a faithful reproduction of Philip Hoyland’s Beam Rays Clinical instrument. To read chapter He first became known to the Rife world when he wrote an excellent article about Rife in a UK electronics magazine: In the ‘s and ‘s Verne Thompson was still building Beam Ray replica designs for those doctors who wanted to own an instrument.

It is these audio frequencies when combined with the 3. Looking at both of these two photos you can see that the layout is identical. Whether you are a student, an employee or a job-seeker, Career Orientation Test helps you to determine your professional interests and create an orientation profile.