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It is a dispersant for aqueous suspension concentrates. It is useful in pesticide formulations for keeping particles in a deflocculated state by the for. Aug 30, One example of a polymeric dispersant with a higher HLB value ~ is Croda’s Atlox , Figure 2. Atlox is a hydrophilic methyl. View details of Atlox import data and shipment reports in US with product description, price, date, quantity, major us ports, countries and buyer, supplier.

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A skilled person is familiar with these methods which are described e.

A temperature slightly below the melting point will generally be tolerated because atoox will be slow in the absence of seeds and the molten pesticide compound may show a melting point depression, when emulsified in the presence of surfactants. The amount of suspension, which is added to the aqueous emulsion of the pesticide compound, is preferably chosen such that the amount of the organic pesticide compound contained in the aqueous suspension is from 0.

The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider. Those surfactants c25 are preferred which have a number average molecular weight MN 4931 from more than to Dalton, preferably from to Dalton, more preferably from to Dalton and in particular from to Dalton. If the aqueous emulsion aglox a combination of at least atlix anionic surfactant and at least one non-ionic surfactant, the weight ratio of anionic surfactant and non-ionic surfactant is preferably from 1: Subscribe to daily email alerts of AgroNews.

The following ingredients were added to a suitable vessel with stirring in the following order:.

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Preferably is comminution is performed at a temperature of at least 10 K below the lowest melting point of any pesticide compound present.

Due to work on overcoming resistance or differentiating products in the market, there is increasing interest in the synthesis of tailor-made polymeric surfactants to provide advanced or specific roles. Comminution is preferably achieved by applying shear during emulsification of the melt.

There is a larger portion of the Atlox molecule anchored in both the water and the oil phases when compared to the smaller sorbitan ester emulsifier molecule and even the block copolymer Atlox Although not as well-defined as small-molecule surfactants, polymeric surfactants offer greater opportunities in terms of flexibility, diversity and functionality. As mentioned above, the further pesticide compound may be selected from any pesticide compound which is known to be suitable for co-formulation with the first pesticide compound.

In a very preferred embodiment of the present invention, the surfactant additionally comprises at least one non-polymeric surfactant. In the aqueous suspension, which is added to the aqueous emulsion of the pesticide compound, the pesticide compound is present in essentially crystalline form. US USB2 en Solubility will usually be determined in deionized water at 20 0 C. Thus, a particular preferred embodiment of the invention is directed to a process, where the pesticide com- pound contained in the emulsion of step a is pyraclostrobin and where the crystalline pesticide compound present in the aqueous suspension that is added in step b is essentially crystalline pyraclostrobin, in particular pyraclostrobin being essentially present as its crystalline form IV.


A conventional polarizing microscope equipped with a hot stage was used to observe crystallinity of the pesticide compound material. The results are presented in the following tables 3 to 6: According to the White House, U. In addition to the pesticide compound the emulsion comprises an aqueous phase which is the dispersion medium for the pesticide compound droplets. The nature of the surfactants is not particularly critical, e. The process according to claim 3, where in step b an aqueous suspension of pyraclostrobin is added, where pyraclostrobin is essentially present in the form of its crystalline modification IV.

The particle size distributions are calculated by a interpretation of the sample’s scattering pattern using the Fraunhofer model. Preferred polymeric surfactants having at least one polyether group, in particu- lar at least one poly-C2-C4-alkyleneether group, are selected from the polymeric surfactant of the groups c.

Into 55 grams of water, 3 grams of surfactant 2 and 2 grams of surfactant 1 were dissolved and then mixed until homogeneous. The nature of the further pesticide compound will naturally depend on the pesticide compound contained in the aqueous suspension obtained in step b.

The process according to any of the preceding claims, where the addition is performed at a temperature of 10 to atlod K below the melting point of the crystalline form of the organic pesticide compound. Preferably, the emulsion of the pesticide compound is prepared by emulsifying the molten pesticide compound in water which may contain one or more surfactants.

Atlox is a hydrophilic methyl methacrylate graft copolymer and a useful dispersant for organic or inorganic active ingredients in water as it adheres at a particulate interface.

In a particular preferred embodiment of the present invention, the emulsion comprises at least one non-ionic polymeric surfactant having at least one polyether group, in particular a non-ionic polymeric surfactant of the groups c.

For example, enhancing emulsion stability through increased steric hindrance of irreversible flocculation. Country of ref document: Suitable devices for applying shear include any devices suitable for wet grinding see e. Polymeric surfactants fall into several categories but two most common architectures are block copolymers and random copolymers. Agricultural compositions comprising an oil-in-water emulsion based on oily globules coated with a lamellar liquid crystal coating.

However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and 4193 encourages that upon 491 product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. Preparation of an aqueous suspension concentrate containing pyraclos- trobin and metconazol. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties.


Datasheets & MSDS – Croda Crop Care

Addition is preferably performed at a temperature of at least 5 K, frequently at least aflox K, preferably at least 15 K, in particular at least 20 K, below the lowest melting point of the pesticide compound, e. The invention is based on the surprising finding that addition of small amounts of an 4193 suspension containing essentially crystalline particles of a low melting and sparingly soluble or insoluble organic pesticide compound to 49913 aqueous emulsion of said pesticide compound at a temperature aylox the melting point of said pesticide compound induces rapid and complete crystallization of the amorphous droplets of the pesticide compound contained in the aqueous emulsion without leading to the forma- tion of coarse material, thereby yielding a stable aqueous suspension of the organic pesticide compound, wherein the organic pesticide compound is present in the form of essentially crystalline particles.

On aging, a suspension concentrate may phase separate creating a transparent layer of continuous xtlox on top, supported by a milky layer of dispersed phase.

In this case, the obtained mixture will be generally subjected to a further comminution step of the thus obtained mixture. Microemulsions and their use for improving the biological efficacy of pesticides.

Irreversible adsorption of the polymer backbone from multiple anchoring points occurs as the greater steric repulsion generated by the addition of polymeric dispersants moves the minimum in the Potential Energy Curve, reducing overall viscosity, Figure 1. Comminution is preferably achieved by applying shear to the mixture of the aqueous suspension and the further pesticide compound. The star consists of a sorbitol base reacted with ethylene oxide EO.

It may be favourable, though not necessary, to continue comminution after addition of the aqueous suspension to the emulsion until atlxo desired particle size is achieved. In preferred embodiments of the invention, the first pesticide compound is pyraclostrobin and the further pesticide compound is selected from the group of amide fungicides as mentioned above, in particular from atlkx group consisting of penflufen, seda- xane, penthiopyrad, fluxapyroxad and N- 4′-trifluoromethylthiobiphenylyl methyl- 3-difluoromethyl-1 H-pyrazolecarboxamid.

It is a dispersant for aqueous suspension concentrates. Microscopy of the emulsion direct after formation and after 24 h revealed that the pyraclostrobin contained in the emulsion was completely amorphous and remained amorphous for at least 24 h.

The emulsion was cooled to 40 atlpx C while continuing to pass the mixture through the colloid mill.