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Solutions to Atiyah-Macdonald, Chapter 1. Dave Karpuk. May 19, Exercise 1. Let x be a nilpotent element of a ring A. Show that 1+x is a unit of A. Deduce. Trial solutions to. Introduction to Commutative Algebra. ( & I.G. MacDonald) by M. Y.. This document was transferred to. Atiyah and Macdonald “provided exercises at the end of each chapter.” They and complete solutions are given at the end of the book.

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Let x0 be a non-zero element of a and let m1m2. M is a primary ideal of A, hence rM Q is a prime ideal p the proof is exactly the same as in the case of ideals.

Y contains an open subset of X. This implies that the Krull dimension of A is 0, and any Noetherian ring of Krull dimension 0 is Artinian, by Theorem 8.

Let Q be a p-primary module in M and x an element of M. Since B is a? The above lemma implies that we may remove the tensor by the? It is clear that if such a representation exists, it is in fact unique. We can assume V C ; otherwise we obtain a contradiction. It follows that the inclusion functor D? Now let p be a prime ideal of A. Then S is an multiplicatively closed set and the maximal ideals of S? Macdojald this is sollutions. A are units in B but not in A with their inverses in B but not in A; this contradicts the fact that A is a valuation ring of K?


A M will also be injective. For the second part, we will merely repeat the hint of the book; it constitutes a full solution and an elegant one at that. The above can be written as 0?

Assume that X is Noetherian, but not quasi-compact the de? For the least part, we use induction on the number n of generators of M. Then, the Jacobson radical of B will equal the nilradical of Bwhich is 0.

This implies that f? Introduction to linear macdonakd. But Y is Noetherian, hence quasi-compact in the sense of the bookso Y is covered by a?

The above implies, in particular, that the completions of A with respect to the two di? For the least part, we use induction on the number n of generators of M. However, y y n? Let f be a non-zero element of B; then, Bf is a finitely generated A-algebra since B is. Spec B ; then, by the equivalent condition c of chapter 5, exercise 10, we have that V q? With the above notation, we have the following: In this case, the tower K?

A subset X0 of X that ful? For each point, macdona,d But condition iii implies that q is equal to the intersection of all maximal ideals that contain it strictly, a contradiction, as desired. Valuation rings and valuations 5. Thus, by exercise 16, we deduce that the mapping Spec Bq? If S were any saturated and multiplicatively closed subset of S that contained S, then its complement in A would contain at least one prime ideal that has 0 non-trivial intersection with S.


Since each Amj is Noetherian, the extension Amj a of a in Amj is finitely generated; let xix2. N is an isomorphism, so that lim Mi? But these are trivially true, as desired. But then, this intersection would belong to both S and to A?

This shows the inverse inclusion and completes the proof. Solutios m is maximal, we must have either an?

Solutions to Atiyah and MacDonald’s Introduction to Commutative Algebra – PDF Free Download

But then we have? Macdonad, there is a? This decomposition implies that X is disconnected. In particular, it is? This implies that a0 x a0 x? For the proof, just observe that in an arbitrary valuation ring, all finitely generated ideals are principal; given a finite list of generators for an ideal, the entire ideal is generated by the generator with the least valuation.

Solutions to Atiyah and MacDonald’s Introduction to Commutative Algebra

For the converse, we use the hint. Let x be any element of A? Conversely, let p be a minimal prime ideal of A. This shows the inverse inclusion and completes the proof.