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Oil Content Petroleum Waxes Solvent extractables. ASTM D – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ASTM D Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes. Standard Test Method for Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes. Part Number, Description. B-L, Weighing.

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Delivers air stream vertically downward into x721 through glass jets. Manifold assembly is adjustable for positioning of jets at the correct height above the sample surface.

Insulated stainless steel tank with finished steel exterior. Aatm are your specifications? The sample is dissolved in methyl-ethyl ketone or a mixture of methyl-ethyl ketone and toluene, cooled to precipitate the wax, and filtered.

Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: General D271 laboratory apparatus balances, baths, aetm, centrifuges, chart recorders, freezers, fume hoods, furnaces, glassware washers, glove boxes, mixers, moisture testing, ovens, pumps, shakers, vacuum equipment, water purification Email Us or call toll-free: Pharmaceutical laboratory apparatus stability chambers, tablet disintegration, tablet dissolution, tablet hardness, V-blenders, Evaporation Cabinet – Thermostatically heated cabinet evaporates solvent from filtrate per specifications.


Finished steel cabinet with composition front plate and hinged glass door.

Koehler K / K Oil-Solvent Extract Content (ASTM D, D) | Labequip

Accommodates four weighing bottles. Lab Equipment for Sale: The oil content or solvent extractables content of the filtrate is then determined by evaporating the solvent and weighing the residue.

Air Pressure Regulator – Controls air flow to the filter stick assembly at the required rate. Consists of 10mm diameter e721 glass filter stick with air pressure inlet tube and delivery nozzle, and a 25xmm test tube.

Oil Content in Paraffin Wax Testing Equipment by ASTM D – Foreign Trade Online

Request a Free Quote Right Now. Enter product namemake or model. Looking for a specific close-up?

Mercury bubbler-type, with mL glass cylinder, T-tube and rubber stopper. Inserts in Cooling Bath.

Glassware for ASTM D721, ASTM D3235 & IP 158

Petroleum Products and Biofuel lab apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, viscometers and rheometers, Product Description Oil content or solvent extractables in wax asrm affect key properties such as strength, hardness, melting point, etc.


Removable composition top plate has thermometer port, filling port and three What is your application? Fill tank with suitable cooling mixture. Please contact Koehler’s Customer Service Department for information. Type text as it appears:: Available request a quote. What are your requirements.