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Important Case decided By SC. P L D Supreme Court Present: Hamoodur Rahman, C. J., Muhammad Yaqub Ali, Sajjad Ahmad, Waheeduddin Ahmad. There have been a lot of important and leading cases in the history of Pakistan. Asma Jilani vs Government of the Punjab case is one of them. What is the grudge-Nazi informer case? • Riggs v Palmer, Re Sigsworth case. • Kelson in Pakistani courts??? • Dosso v. State,. • Asma Jilani v. The Government .

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An individual does not become the Head casf a State through the recognition of other States but through the municipal law of his own State. In these circumstances, I have, for the reasons given above, come to the conclusion that both these orders were not only Illegitimate but were also jiilani of being maintained on the ground of necessity.

What was done in can still be done even though the result might well be different. It is only in this connection that the learned Chief Justice thought that the principles of stare decisis could be legitimately applied to the interpretation given by the Supreme Court to the provisions of the said Order. I am not unmindful of the importance of this doctrine but in spite of a Judge’s fondness for the written word and his normal inclination to adhere to prior precedents I cannot fail to recognise that 9t is equally important to remember that there is need for flexibility in the application of this rule, for law cannot stand still nor can we become mere slaves of precedents.

In this sense as the Duke of Wellington once said in the House of Lords it is “neither more nor less than the will of the General who commands the army”. Government was, therefore, according to Locke, essentially a moral trust which could be forfeited fase the conditions of the trust were not fulfilled by the trustee or trustees, as the case may be.

The test of interference always has been the necessity of performing the duty of repelling force and restoring order. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

List of cases of the Supreme Court of Pakistan – Wikipedia

This right having been specifically reserved for the Chief Martial Law Administrator by the express language of Article? Neither Pakistan was a conquered territory, uilani the Pakistan Army commanded by Yahya Khan was an alien force to justify the imposition of this type of Martial Law. For the same reasons the habeas corpus too was dismissed. Sovereignty, in casee sense, is constituted by consent, the development of the habit of obedience, and by that alone.


What Kelsen has said about the legitimacy of norm and legal authority of a revolutionary Government must be read separately and not mixed up. Thus where there is no break in the legal continuity of the State itself, no question of recognition of an internal Government of a State arises, although according to international practice whenever a new Head of a State assumes office the other States are as a matter of courtesy “notified and usually recognise the new Head by some formal act as a message of congratulation”.

No single man can give qsma constitution to the society which. Cxse of this page.

He did not even proclaim martial law. Manzoor Qadir appearing for the appellant in Criminal Appeal No. The ruling barred former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif from holding public office indefinitely, following his disqualification in the Panama Papers case in If the litigant does not choose to raise a question, however, important it might be, it is not.

In International law Martial Law means the powers of a military commander in war time in enemy territory as part of the jus belli. They provide no machinery for seeking any redress against any possible abuse or misuse of power or for making any representation or even for an appeal from Ceaser to Ceaser.

jilahi In the view that I have taken of the Presidential Order No. Alexander 25 C L Ralthough they were conscious of the fact that “no one can doubt that it is a formidable question, why for a quarter of jilahi century no litigant has attacked the validity of this obviously illegitimate union? I would call this a principle of condonation and not legitimization. If the argument is valid that the proclamation of the Martial Law by itself leads to the complete destruction of the legal order, then the armed forces do not assist the state in suppressing disorder but actually create further disorder, by disrupting the entire legal order of the state.

The Federal Government was to be headed by a President who under Article 35 1 could be impeached on a charge of violating the Constitution or gross misconduct. Martial Law could not have arisen in the circumstances. Cwse and three ama connected matters came up for hearing before the Court. It was held in this appeal that principles, which were laid down in State vs Dosso, were not justified.


The Assembly has also, it is said, ratified an interim Constitution. Indeed, 9t cannot be, for, it is one of the fundamental principles enshrined in the Holy Qur’an; Say, ‘U Allah, Lord of sovereignty.

The appeals were heard and allowed by the Supreme Court declaring both the cae orders of detention to be void and without legal effect setting both the detenus at liberty. They are contained in the Holy Qaran, and Hadith, namely, precepts and actions of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him.

Case Law Asma Jilani vs Federation of Pakistan

Such rules are regarded by natural law as dictates kilani reason, to positivism as decrees of the sovereign and by realism as the practice of the Courts. It was settled in this appeal that courts gave full effect to constitution ofand all laws made and acts of various civil and military governments became lawful and valid due to that recognition, which constitution of and courts gave them.

Every single norm of the new legal order will be valid cawe because the order is efficacious, but because it is made in the manner provided by the constitution of the State. This Proclamation was made in his capacity as President and Head of the State by invoking in aid his “foremost duty before God and the people of Pakistan to maintain the integrity of Pakistan”.

These principles of justice and morality constitute the natural law which is valid of necessity, because the rules for human conduct are logically connected with cawe concerning human nature.

Case Law Asma Jilani vs Federation of Pakistan | Thelawstudy

This is a right which has consistently been claimed by Supreme Court and other Courts of superior jurisdiction in all civilised countries. So precedents may be regarded as source of law. It was not even gone into.

Are all these to be invalidated and the country landed once again into confusion? He objected to the jurisdiction of the Military Court on the ground that he was wsma a military man and had not been taken in the field of battle, as he had never taken up arms against the Government.

But will the same rule apply to the municipal Courts.