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Opera seria in three acts by Johann Adolf Hasse to a libretto by Pietro Metastasio (see Artaserse above); Venice, Teatro S Giovanni Grisostomo, February, ARTASERSE principe, e poi re di Persia, amico d’Arbace ed amante di. Semira. MANDANE sorella d’Artaserse ed amante d’Arbace. ARTABANO prefetto delle. The libretto is by Metastasio and Artaserse is the Persian king Artaxerxes I, son of Xerxes I (Serse). He ruled from BC to BC. The story is, as so often in.

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Megabise is also in love with Semira and declares his love for her, but Semira is already in love with Artaserse and is unable to reciprocate Megabise’s feelings. Its cadential rests very often coincide with those of the melody, so that the phrases are very clearly set off and balanced one against another.

Eschenbach October 9, Mandane expresses her grief, while Artaserse expresses his guilt at having to resort to this, though Artabano says that it is a just punishment for murdering his father. Va’ tra le selve ircane. Artasfrse seems that Behle is ready for the lirico-spinto repertoire. Stenz June 10, In the prison, Arbace continues to lament his cruel fate.

Artabano says that Arbace deserves to be punished, but Artaserse is conflicted, and worried about Semira wrongly accusing him of cruelty. Mozart, Keyboard Works, Vols. Nevertheless, it is handled with imagination, even though the slightly flatulent Baroque bassoon used in the continuo to represent Artabano elicits the odd artasersr laugh.


Thielemann May 13, Through various accidents which supply the episodes that adorn the present dramain the end his treason is exposed and the safety of Artaxerxes is assured, which exposure and assurance are the main action of the drama.

Nuvoletta opposta al ligretto. Amalo e se al tuo sguardo. Gaigg January 8, Gergiev May 13, Semira enters the temple, still unhappy artasedse Artaserse’s decision to execute Arbace. Troubled Matthew Passion, Saved Together, Artabano and Megabise discuss the plans to kill Artaserse.

Arbace is horrified at his father’s treachery, arhaserse angrily refuses to follow him. Aresi September 25, Justice becomes beautiful arfaserse accompanied by mercy. Manze November 13, Abbado January 22, Philippe Jaroussky has had a comet-like career and though still only 35 he has a recording career of more than thirteen years behind him.

At this time women were not allowed to appear on stage so all the roles, male as well as female, were sung by castrati. L’Almanacco di Gherardo Casaglia in Italian.

Megabise enters and declares that Arbace is the murderer.

Artaserse (Vinci) – Wikipedia

One of the most enjoyable. L’onda dal mar divisa. With the year drawing to a close, we look back over the operas that wowed our critics in Subscribe Librettp our Subscription Options Subscribe, gift or renew to Limelight Magazine this month and you could win tickets to see your state symphony orchestra in Semira declares that Megabise can have her body, but can never win her heart.


Artaxerxes, still trusting Artabanus, bids him resolve the matter. It was a style Vinci had in fact pioneered, making him historically a figure of considerable importance, even if his music is forgotten today, along for the most part with the opera seria itself.

With Arbace’s librdtto proven beyond doubt, and both pairs of lovers artserse, the entire cast including the dead Megabise gathers on stage for the final chorus, as they celebrate the reign of a merciful and righteous king. Hasse, ArtaserseA. Lacombe March 11, FolksLiedC.

Just how much the singers controlled the show in opera seria we cannot tell by looking at just one setting artasetse a given libretto. Stripped to its most basic level, the story of the opera reduces to the fundamental narrative of all opere serie: Bach, Organ Works, Vol.


Semira expresses her pain at separation from Artaserse due to the artaserwe events. Schneider February 12, WaterH. Your subscription has been confirmed. Saariaho, Music for Flute, C. Operas Li zite ‘ngalera Artaserse