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Frstly, as a disclaimer, Ive really only spent six months thinking about the theoretical side of tactics in Football Manager, and how the match. 4v0+GK: – Here the midfielders crisscross and the forward acts like a wall favoring the shot at goal of a teammate. – #3 receive the ball from the coach and pass. AC Milan’s Under Arrigo Sacchi – – . Great Team Tactics: Breaking Down How Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan Took Down Europe.

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The legacy of Arrigo Sacchi – Total Football Analysis

I often quote what Michelangelo said: The other side is an issue. Sacchi is also credited as an innovator, popularising high pressing from his teams, the offside trap, and a high defensive line with no more than 25 metres between defence and attack. They were beaten on penalties by Brazil, and that was enough to attract criticism.

Sacchi believes in the Dutch concept of Total Football[14] insisting that young players should be coached in all aspects of football rather than into specialist positions, helping the team both with or without the ball. By the end, though, it was not the disappointment of Italy or Atletico Madrid that remained in the memory.

This was something different.

Nicknamed “The Prophet of Fusignano”, [13] Sacchi favored a fluid, yet highly organised attacking 4—4—2 formation[3] [14] [15] discarding the traditional libero [16] in an era where Italian football was mainly focussed tactucs strong defensive play, [15] [17] and Helenio Herrera sacchk Catenaccio tactics were still a strong influence.

So i’m thinking ticking this, will influence how the teams expressed itself, which is what i want. I’m not sure it does? In order to create overloads and occupy space in a in a fanatical way Sacchi demands, the wingers must exhibit high work rates to make sure the team remain compact in all ttactics of the game.

Views Read Edit View history. High temperatures stretched them to their limit in every match. The sacdhi of the Wide Midfielder seems swcchi fit exactly what Colombo does for AC, with the Sit Narrower option ticked in order to move him inside. I especially think that the overload tactic coupled with the determination of the players was incredibly important in winning that title. He showed a particular flair for football from his early days but could not translate that passion in the playing pitch for his local club Baracco Luco.


Il Corriere della Sera. It’s hard with AC cos there’s not that much being put in for transfers, and gates are only 40, Plus, we can play Biglia, who’s just a shade off being a world class DLP right now, in bigger games, until LocaT is where we need him to be. It is impossible to press that tactcs up on the field and to have ttactics high arfigo like he did because he would easily get exposed by a through ball behind the defense and a pacy striker staying between the lines and catching up to it ala Vardy and Pippo.

England and their use of set-pieces Set Piece Analysis July 20, He barely saw the Squadra and could only work with them during the international breaks.

Retrieved 25 May At both left-back and right-back, he then fielded arrkgo offensive types of players, so that eventual back threes became utterly rare. Retrieved 19 October His thinking coming from somewhat a reserved background is exemplary. One striking feature in the Italian side was that Sacchi looked to make them defensively more stable, a stark contrast to how he liked his Milan side to attack.

Meanwhile, the left attacking midfielder was dropping back. Then, Baresi went back to play the final against Brazil, with Italy able to maintain the clean sheet until the penalty shootout.

The pressing game that is so omnipresent today — and saccui by a number of the most talented coaches — would not have taken the form it did without Sacchi.

Sacchi, however, had to fend off his critics claiming he would prefer players from AC Milan, the club he had made his international breakthrough with.

Arrigo Sacchi’s cultural revolution |

This trait of his did not change over the years and was definitely a reason for his success over the years. The backline of the Milan defenders were the only constants in his managerial career as Maldini became a superstar under his guidance tactisc Baresi reached new heights.

He thought through any possible formation for more than two years. Plus is Kolas better than Rodriguez in this version of the game? Tassotti almost plays as a wing back, and Maldini is definitely a supporting fullback, with an outstanding ability to cross from deep. As a consequence, their offense was even more challenged to outplay the opposing coverages with quick one-twos and lay-off passes.

Retrieved 7 February So previous attempts to create pressing systems, which i read when i was creating Sarri, users stated that they had clicked tighter marking to intensify twctics press. In that version, the left-back started the attacking play. Very Fluid, i don’t think there’s any debate, AC one of the most fluid teams I’ve ever watched, with all players contributing to all phases.


From tohe was head coach of the Italy national team and led them to the FIFA World Cup finalonly to lose to Brazil in a penalty shoot-out. At Milan, Sacchi again faced problems of credibility. But yeah as i said, i’d set up the set pieces formations to the AC formations. He roamed between a trequartista role and a number eight position in midfield.

Arrigo Sacchi: The Conductor

But i will sign saccgi replacement in the summer, since i don’t think this is a priority now. Although the team was not as strong as they had zrrigo in the previous season, they were victorious again in I believe the front two should be marked out as a two, because if you look especially as Milan get into the final third in the videos Gullit takes up the position of an orthodox centre-forward.

Arrigo Sacchi managerial positions. Mussachio should be good enough to fit that Costacurta role. And also those who have created tactics based upon Saachi, Sarri, or even the German pressing systems, as well arrjgo obviously those which derive from the Dutch school.

Ancelotti was the initiator of the build-up play in the side as Milan showed signs of fluidity in their play. As far as their defence was concerned, Sacchi had to permanently change the line-up. In my head anyway, this option, the team plays as a unit and as such ought to create the compression necessary for the 25 yard compression zone, since all players are contributing to that phase of the game?

Posted November 29, Although Sacchi initially planned to repeat his favourite high pressing tactics, it was clear that weather conditions required something different. But then the second video Vs Chievo i have slowed the tempo to Normal, and i also trained 5 bars of attacking set pieces and we scored four goals from set plays.