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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander in seven books is the best account we have of Alexander’s adult life. Indica, a description of India and of Nearchus’s voyage. Links to translation of Arrian: Anabasis, by E. Iliff Robson.

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Campaign against the Oritians. During the stay of the emperor Hadrian at Athens, a. The reason is that Arrian ignored Cleitarchus ‘ immensely popular History of Alexander and used other, better sources.

Campaign against Oxycanus and Sambus. Self-sacrifice of the Indian Calanus. Philotas and Parmenio put to Death. Operations against the Aspasians.

Mountains and Rivers of Asia. These had encamped near the city ‘ A town in the Macedonia district of Mygdonia, south of Lake Bolbe. It was dreaded by ancient mariners: Nor does Arrian aim to provide a complete history of the Greek-speaking world during Alexander’s reign. Syrmus himself likewise, accompanied by his train, had fled for refuge to the same place. But as soon as those who were making the sally saw Alexander, the men who had come out to render aid by holding torches threw them away, and the majority of them cast away their arms and fled within the walls of the city.

Amabasis, Lemgovia, ; P.

Anabasis of Alexander, Volume II — Arrian | Harvard University Press

This Amyntas was put to death by Alexander soon after his accession. Defeat of Ariobarzanes and Capture of Persepolis. All the envoys said that they had come to seek Alexander’s friendship. The next day he took the whole of his army and marched arroan towards the gate which led to Eleutherae and Attica.

Anabasis of Alexander, Volume II

Of the men in the city about one thousand were slain ; and of Alexander’s men about forty, among whom were Ptolemy, one of the king’s body-guards, Clearchus, a captain of the archers, Addaeus, who had the command of a thousand infantry, and other Macedonians of no mean position.


The Macedonians, being far inferior 1 This is an Homeric name for Mars the war-god.

The rest of the army he left behind near the city, to prevent the citizens from hasten- ing forth to form a junction with Glaucias as they would have doneif all the Macedonian army had withdrawn. These names were originally, given to all the people of the North and West of Europe ; and it anabasi not till Caesar’s time that the Bomans made any distinction between Celts and Germans.

The Agrianians were the chief tribe of Paeonians, from whom Philip and Alexander formed a valuable body of light-armed troops. Consequently they did not sustain Alexander’s attack, but quitted the first ridges of the mountain.

The Persian cavalry were about 20, in number, and their infantry, consisting of Grecian mercenaries, fell a little short of the same number. In regard to other matters he gave the embassy a courteous reply, but wrote a arrkan to the people de- manding the surrender of Demosthenes and Lycurgus, as well as that of Hyperides, Polyeuctus, Chares, Chari- demus, Bphialtes, Diotimus, and Moerocles;i alleging that these men were the cause of the disaster which befell the city at Ghaeronea, and the authors of the sub- sequent offensive proceedings after Philip’s death, both against himself and his father.

Olitus first fled for refuge into the city, which, however, he set on fire, and with- drew to Glaucias, in the land of the Taulantians. Exploration of the Mouths of the Indus. Since the battle of Chaeronea, this citadel had been held by a Macedonian garrison.

Ephialtes, the eminent Athenian exile, headed the sally, which vfas effected by troops simultaneously issuing from all the gates at daybreak. The Anabxsis of Hercules in Tyre. The first party cast torches and other I combustibles at the engines, in order to set them on fire and to defy the engineers excessively. The Oasis of Ammon V. Thet crossed over by night to a spot where the corn stood high ; and in this way they reached the bank more secretly.


As soon as he saw a favour- able opportunity for the attack, without waiting for all arrjan be present, he despatched the archers and Agrianians against the foe.

Neoptolemus, the brother of Arrhabaeus, son of Amyntas, one of those who had deserted to Darius, was killed, with about others of the enemy. Passage of the Hydaspes At that time, after a strong south wind, the north winds blew, and rendered his passage easy and quick, not without the divine intervention, as both he and his men interpreted.

Many Grecian mer- cenary soldiers had been left in the city, as well as many Persian troops ; the triremes also were moored in the harbour, so that the sailors might reader him valuable aid in the operations. The Athenians also attempted to bring about some political change ; but they were so alarmed at the very approach of Alexander, that they conceded to him even more ample public honours than those which had been bestowed upon Philip. It was said that Gordius was a poor man among the ancient Phrygians, who had a small piece of land to till, and two yoke of oxen.

Terrible to them also was the closely-looked order of the phalanx, and violent the charge of the cavalry. The Offers of Darius rejected. He ordered him to take the wagons to Sardis and to advance from that place into Phrygia.

The Anabasis of Alexander – Wikisource, the free online library

Then ensued a violent struggle on the part of the cavalry, on the one. After accomplishing this, Pharnabazus sailed to Lycia, taking with him the Grecian mercenaries ; but Autophra- dates sailed to the other islands. About the Getae holding the doctrine of immortality, see Herodotus iv. Alexander in Lycia and Pamphylia. Alexander visits the Temple of Ammon.