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Aphidius ervi will consume all types of larger aphids, especially the potato aphid, Macrosiphum euphorbiae, and the glasshouse potato aphid, Aulacorthum. Erviline biological control agent contains the Braconid wasp, Aphidius ervi. It stings and parasitizes larger aphids, such as the foxglove aphid, Aulacorthum. Aphidius ervi. Type of insect: Wasp. Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, Order Hymenoptera, Family Aphidiidae. How to identify it: Mummies.

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Although the influence of possible genotypic variation between A. Discussion Our study provides the first comprehensive reference transcriptome for the aphid parasitoid wasp Aphidius ervi obtained from females reared on three different aphid hosts: This difference seems to persist even after the different wasp populations were reared on the same aphid host in the laboratory for more than 50 generations.

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Deep sequencing identifies viral and wasp genes with potential roles in replication of Microplitis demolitor Bracovirus. One way to do this is the formation of host races, i. University of California Press; Berkeley: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Host range expansion of an introduced insect pest through multiple colonizations of specialized clones. Transcriptome analysis of an endoparasitoid wasp Cotesia chilonis Hymenoptera: Ervi are sent as aphid mummies in a small vial.


Schluter Schluter D.

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Differential gene expression analysis The insect filtered, non-redundant reference transcriptome was used as a basis for differential gene expression studies between tissues separate for head and body Fig.

One of the most widely used species in biological control programs is Aphidius ervi, a worldwide distributed koinobiont endoparasitoid of several Macrosiphinae aphid species such as the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum Henry et al.

A recent study showed significant differences in host preference and host acceptance infectivity depending on the host A. Chemical use Ervi is sensitive to many pesticides, particularly pyrethroids, organophosphates aphidiuw neonicotinoids.

In order to establish inbred populations, a single, isolated naive A.

Aphidius ervi

Host switching in a generalist parasitoid: Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. Accept cookies Decline cookies. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. A total of 10, contigs The following rates have been determined overseas for the control of Aulacorthum solani and Macrosiphum euphorbiae in greenhouse vegetables and can be used as a guide.

It has been put forward that a developmental reorganization from ancestral phenotypes due to erv environmental input or conditions host races or host biotypes aphldius this case does not necessarily require new mutations to produce novel or distinct phenotypes West-Eberhard, Phenotypic plasticity, Local adaptation, Parasitoid wasps, Transcriptome, Aphid pest control.

Uniquely, differentially expressed contigs were detected for all libraries.

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The GO Term enrichment analysis was performed between differentially expressed genes and indicated the most enriched GO terms for bodies and heads Fig. We found several significantly differentially expressed genes involved in chemical perception between our three A. Assembly, assessment, and availability of De novo generated eukaryotic transcriptomes.


The wasp Aphidius ervi, a generalist koinobiont parasitoid of aphids, was introduced from Europe into Chile in the late s to control agriculturally important aphid species. The genes emphasized in this study deserve special attention for future research in order to prove their role in host preference and host selection by A. Support Center Support Center.

Journal List PeerJ v. Acceptance and suitability of Acyrthosiphon pisum and Sitobion avenae as hosts of the aphid parasitoid Aphidius ervi Hymenoptera: However, it is ervl how much phenotypic plasticity the parasitoid needs to exploit different hosts or whether they can use identical mechanisms and strategies when parasitizing different hosts.

The ecology of adaptive radiation.

De novo construction of an alhidius transcriptome assembly for the western tarnished plant bug, Lygus hesperus. Check local registration requirements. Host-related fitness trade-offs in a presumed generalist parasitoid, Diaeretiella rapae Hymenoptera: You want to visit the website of Koppert USA, click here. The mummy looks like an over inflated bronze aphid.