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Rajeshkumar et al. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. ANTICANCER ACTIVITY OF ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA. showing anticancer activity on HEp2 – Human larynx carcinoma cell lines in-vitro KEYWORDS: Andrographis paniculata,Herbal medicine. A refined extract of A. paniculata, also significantly reduces activities of lipid .. The anticancer activity was observed due to the presence of andrographolide.

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These medicinal plant s possess good immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties, leading to anticancer activities.

Analysis of the Anticancer Phytochemicals in Andrographis paniculata Nees. under Salinity Stress

Silybum marianum is an annual or biennial erect herb belongs to the family Compositae. Interestingly, the correlation between proline as well as NAG with the other measured morphological characteristics was significant and positive in the salt-stressed plants. However, we are totally aware that not any correlation does imply causation, yet we believe that in this particular case and according to the previous experiences, our observations are in agreement with the andrographiw of a xndrographis relationship between the availability of the secondary metabolites and self-defense systems of the plant species against abiotic stresses.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, anyicancer, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

List of the 4 accessions of Andrographis paniculata collected from Peninsular Malaysia. In this regard, our results indicated that proline as well as the AG and NAG contents is anticancdr correlated with the substrate concentration of salt, in which the tolerant accessions were higher in proline, AG, and NAG contents compared with the sensitive ones. The results obtained suggest that S.


ME at the ratio of 1: The day seedlings were transferred from jiffy media into the pot with sand medium.

Fundamentally, it can be concluded that if the production of anticancer phytochemicals of A. Abstract Salinity causes the adverse effects in all physiological processes of plants.

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All chemicals used were of analytical grade. The results indicated that salinity had a significant effect on the aforementioned three anticancer phytochemicals.

Andrographs correlative aspects of the three anticancer phytochemicals production as well as the accumulation of proline in the tolerant and sensitive A. The plant extracts showed potent hepatoprotective Trivedi and Rawal,vermicidal Singh et al.

It is assumed that the accumulation of these phytochemicals in A. Chemotherapy is a major clinical treatment used for the control of advanced stages of malignancies and metastasis.

BioMed Research International

Accumulation of compatible solutes is nontoxic and does not disturb cellular functions even when they are present in high concentrations. View at Google Scholar L. Abstract Andrographis paniculata and Silybum marianum are well known medicinal plants.

Salinity is a major abiotic stress that causes important alterations in the plant growth and development. Further studies are required to isolate the active constituents involved in the antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity of the plant. The solvent extract was concentrated under reduced pressure using a rotary evaporator.

One mL of each sample was finally filtered into HPLC vials using disposable polypropylene syringe filters with 0. The viable cells were counted using a Coulter counter and diluted with RPMI medium and final densities of x10 4 cells mL -1 were obtained.


Plant species react antifancer the environmental changes by producing some secondary metabolites such as soluble flavonoids, androgrphis protect the cellular structures zndrographis oxidative damage and osmotic stress [ 12 ]. Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology Volume 8 androggraphis The stock solution was diluted with the same solvent to produce different concentration of working standards 0.

Since the highest amount of the active components is found just before the plant blooms [ 39 ], the day-old plants were subjected to different salinity levels. Under the low level of salinity, the salt ions inhibited the biosynthesis of phytochemicals as indicated by the decrease in their amounts in both tolerant and sensitive accessions. The analysis of variance showed that different levels of salinity affected the proline and the three main phytochemicals of A.

The trend of proline and the three main phytochemicals in tolerant accession were linear and positive, while in sensitive accession they were nonlinear. These neutral organic compounds can also improve the inhibitory effects of high ion concentrations on enzymatic activity without interfering with protein structure and function [ 35 ]. These compounds are produced mainly from kf organs anticacner the plant, especially leaves. We noticed that the major difference among the tolerant and sensitive accessions was related to their ability in tolerating high salt stress.