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Angelica Zambrano Testimony Tagalog Version Full Angelica Zambrano was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ this is her video. Angelica Zambrano TESTIMONY (Tagalog version) Pinakita mismo sa kanya ang. The name of the little girl who have testimonial of heaven and hell is Click here to Watch Angelica Zambrano Testimony Tagalog Version.

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As we left that area, I could see that hell was full of tormented souls. Give me grace to serve and remain faithful to you till the end. On earth he would preach while his wife was with him supporting his ministry.

Thanks to tfstimony Lord for His precious love towards us, May His will be done! I tank God,for let me know this. Ang patotoo ng isang 15 tavalog gulang na babae na lumaki sa isang Kristiyanong tahanan. In Hell I saw a young girl I know here on earth. Holy Spirit of God, we can feel your presence because it is real.

Angelica Zambrano 3rd Testimony of Heaven and Hell – Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

Nowadays, children are being deceived by satan through the television. I thought, a drunk pastor in Hell? I want to go over there. This man was famous all over the world but he was a satanist.


Jesus — Get me out of this Hell! Dixon March 25th, ,on a sunny Saturday afternoon at 2: Glory, Honour and praise to you Holy Spirit, you are real and precious and you are here.

tgaalog They love you, they forgive you, but if you do not repent of that sin, you will go to Hell for eternity. It impacted me, and I can say that we all have a horse up there because the word of God talks about white horses. God wants you to win their souls. Many women have had abortions. They want to fill their churches easily.

I can only tell you what I saw, as the Bible says that nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. You are tesimony using your WordPress. I cant bear it anymore! There are millions are demons ready to tempt preachers. Jesus warned him many times on what could happen to him.

Angelica Zambrano 1st Testimony of Heaven and Hell – Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

Maybe you are secretly fighting and causing division. For those that are listening or reading this testimony let me say this to you. When he touched my hand I felt as if I was a newborn baby being touched za,brano a loving Father. Learning this was very … Read More. I zmabrano great joy to see their happiness. The children worshipped the Lord and played on what appeared to me to be a swing set. Do not let yourself to be cut down but start to bear good fruit.


I will not leave you in that place and I am going to show teestimony that place because there are many who know that hell exists, but they have no fear. Please pray for me as well to heal on my sickness. Hell has a heart?

Angelica Zambrano at The HELL

Do not be dismayed, because our reward is up there. This experience was different from the other two experiences. This is why he is in this place.

You still have the same Holy Spirit. There is no weapon forged against us that will prosper.