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NEW: Political Ponerology is now available in German (preview here) from And – as Lobaczewski demonstrates – the origin of evil actually lies outside the. “Whether you know it or not, each and every day your life is touched by the effects of psychopathy on our world.” ― Andrzej Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology. Political Ponerology has ratings and 28 reviews. The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret p.

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You find a tattered volume among the files that immediately strikes your interest. Probably most damning of all, for me, is that the writing was overwrought and boring as hell.

This fundamental deficit in a minority of the population allows our global tragedy to continue unabated. Refresh and try again. The study andrzeu genetics and psychopathy was forbidden.

All attempts to publish this book at this time failed. Nov 16, Julian Hadlow rated it really liked it.

The blind spot in most people’s mind is about psychopathy and by filling this gap of knowledge with this information we will be able to stop the cycle of evil which seems to repeat endlessly on this planet. As soon as scientifically is diagnosed a psychopath everything has to be done to remove such a person out andrzwj power.

Society follows those who seem to know where they are going – and sometimes, evil lurks there. The language was simply impenetrable, it was boring and quite frankly, induced immediate sleep. A good book on psychopathology and how the world is pretty much run by them: Pick it up today.


Political Ponerology Quotes by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

O iceberg de J. Lobaczewski was born in and grew up on a rural estate in the beautiful pied mountain vicinity of Poland. It requires close reading, and every page contains insight and clarity.

Lobaczewski describes social cycles, psychopathic types, dangerous cognitive errors, pathological systems poneropogy government, religion and science, and introduces new terms for concepts that may have been previously described, but only in vague terms, like ‘pathocracy’, ‘ponerization’, ‘ponerology’, ‘ponerogenic unions’ and others.

Honestly, I couldn’t make it through this book, quit ponefology with three of four chapters left.

Political Ponerology Quotes

It was originally written around world war 2 by a Polish scientist. The author claims that this is the third version of the ponerlogy, and this last one from which the book is published, is done from memory. Read an interview with the author, Andrew Lobaczewski. They literally diagnosed their leaders – as psychopaths – and described how and why they came to power, in clinical detail. Scientists living under an oppressive regime decide to study it clinically, to study the founders and supporters of an evil regime to determine what common factor is at play in the rise and propagation of man’s inhumanity to man.

I sincerely hope that this poligical the case. Knowledge of its nature — and its insidious effect on both individuals and groups – is the only antidote. He is essentially bringing us a newer branch of psychology, though unfortunately some of it is now overtaken in certain areas by more modern understandings. Apr 12, Matthew rated it it was ok.


Still highly relevant and worthy of reading by researchers out there. Working hard for a aandrzej, he studied psychology at Yagiello-nian University in Cracow. It certainly is worth the read if you are interested in communist era psychology, how society ticks even today, or are interested in how psychopaths get a hold and get ahead in today’s society. I’d say it’s one of the top five most important books ever written.

This book really spells it out why and how these processes work. Ponerology, as it said is a study.

The Science on the Nature of Evil says it all. Majority—minority relations Political theories Psychology Psychopathology Sociological terminology.

It is a new study, viewpoint and science, so it takes several years before it is implicated and po,itical be used to remove psychopaths fr Ponerology, as it said is a study. Thank God it was.

Political ponerology

The individuals who constitute this 4 percent drain our relationships, our lobaczwwski accounts, our accomplishments, our self-esteem, our very peace on earth. I did not like this book. I’m always interested in books that address the question of why this world is so messed up, but sorry, the academic language and style of writing defeated me, couldn’t take it anymore.