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: Oath of the Vayuputras (The Shiva Trilogy) (): Amish Tripathi: Books. Spread the love. vayuputras map. rc_vertical_line. In ancient times, the Indian subcontinent (including the modern nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal. ‘Amish Tripathi has done an admirable job of humanising the characters the descriptions are vivid without being longwinded, the plot keeps you hooked.

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Each banyan trunk depicted him in a different form. Retrieved 25 March Aug 29, Richa marked it as to-read.

I might even have been assassinated had they learnt about my plans. The sheer expectation of reaching the end of this epic masterpiece kept me on the edge and motivated to read till the last word.

If people believe that their fate is completely random, it would leave them without any sense of understanding, purpose or motivation. Vishwadyumna watched from behind, his mouth agape.

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We have allies constantly watching those Egyptian mines. Starting from where the previous installment left off, Shiva discovers that Somras is the true evil in The Oath of the Vayuputras. Dr Ramiyar Karanjia, for his immense help in understanding the philosophies of Zoroastrianism. Since the empire now believed that cold, fresh water had worked in disposing of the toxic waste, new plans were being drawn up to use amizh rivers. Brahaspati created the illusion of his death.


Read more Read less. In the second book of the Shiva Trilogy, The Secret of the Nagas, Shiva travels primarily through the empire of the Chandravanshis which is called Swadweep, the island of the individual. But Kayna was beyond caring.

Amish also humanizes his characters, something which most popular Indian writers fail miserably at. This Fat book gave an epic end to the trilogy! There he discovered he was the Neelkanth, a barbarian long prophesied to zmish Meluha’s saviour. And cayuputras Shiva is on the verge of victory, he comes face to face with a tragedy leaving his existence, his very soul completely shattered. And yes, the talented and lovely Taraji, who worked at Mount Mandar and had been sent to Pariha for a project, did disappear suddenly.

These beasts have terrible eyesight, but they have a fantastic sense of smell and hearing. Makes you wonder vayuputraas else is going to come ahead!

Retrieved 25 January That the bad news is not emerging rapidly enough? Amish must be a very brave and a genius person for choosing a mythological fiction for his work. Seeing that Meluha is the center of manufacturing the Somras, Shiva declares a holy war on the Kingdom and appeals the vsyuputras to stop using the drink. Shiva controlled his breathing, still recovering from the exhaustion of combat. The Secret of the Nagas Shiva Trilogy.


The Oath of the Vayuputras – Wikipedia

And then it came to me – maybe the writer thought his book could one day be textbooks in school – considering what a source of knowledge that it is. Every single chapter grabs your attention and every single page makes your eyes glued to itself. Anandmayi, Ayurvati and Kartik were settled comfortably on soft cushions in the dining room.

Other books in the series. The Oath Of The Vayuputras”. Retrieved 16 April Life was as perfect as it could possibly be. This means that the rumours are true. People getting vayjputras and overreacting and making bad decisions is tiring to read after having done that in 2 books already.

It was always yours. The Meluhans kept track of the people living along the Tsangpo. Kanakhala had lost all respect for her emperor. He has just been born.