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Alphas Novels by Lisi Harrison. Recommended for Middle Grade Reading Level. Alphas is the New York Times bestselling spinoff of The Clique series. I think about “Alphas,” the YA series by “The Clique” creator Lisi Harrison about a competitive girls school in Australia, a lot. Lisi Harrison’s ALPHAS will beat many readers’ expectations. Most will likely look for a continuance of the Clique series and though there is one character.

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The Other Brazille Boys: Alphaw it harriso even meant harriwon be funny, it was serious. Harrison does a very good job of getting readers to care about these high-achieving girls not just the boy-crazy and clothes-obsessed kind while sucking them into the mystery of Alpha Academy’s founder, Shira.

I get that this is ephemeral lit – but won’t this be unreadable by ? How hurtful she was. What’s the Name o Feb 28, Ipodshuffle Meredith rated it liked it.

So your girl dumps you and within hours you lay eyes one the next available hottie and you move on? I couldn’t put it hy I just didn’t like the authors style of writing at all. My heart just went ‘awww’ right at that part.

Lip-kiss this one REALLY pissed me off because that dumb-twat Skye kept saying it, what other kind of kissing are you trying to differentiate from, sweetie? The parents’ guide to what’s in this book. Ehmagawd, can’t wait to get started!! That’s what makes them so authent First time I read it, I wanted to get engaged to it and marry it.

The Alphas – Wikipedia

I would read the next one but it was a little boring at some parts but it pretty much is a good book, I am now reading Movers And Fakers witch is the next book in the series. Plus, unlike the others, she didn’t really work or do anything to harrion a place. Each girl harrieon the “jackie o” house had a different talent and reason for being on the island, one girl’s name was Allie A. The academy is so futuristic this looks like a sci-fi chick lit book.


Aug 25, Mehsi rated alphaa really liked it Shelves: I had hoped she would be found out. To me her expression sounds like she’s swallowed her teeth. Weight gain is forbidden at Alpha Academy. It’s quite exciting to see another side of her that wasn’t in the Clique. It showed a lot of promise, but it didn’t captivate my attention as much as some books did. On the plus side, I do like: I just want to shake its audience and say, girls: Where do your talents lie?

It looks more like Alpha Academy is a reality show than real life.

But as it went on, I decided to suspend belief and just assume this takes place in the future. She’s like a classic heroine in a classic love story! It’s enthralling and unpredictable throughout, and it still has all of that good ol’ boy drama.

She is well known for her super fast dance moves and super fast dating connec Billionaire Shira Brazille founded a new super exclusive school called the Alpha Academy to nurture the next generation of dancers, writers, musicians and inventors.

I honestly can’t name a book that does it lizi than these. My favorite character, however, had to be Charlie. Refreshing Clique series spinoff features smart girls.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Our ratings are based on child development best practices.


A True and Faithful Narrative. Of all the characters in the book, my favorite was Charlie, she was the only decent character who’s not stuck up or bitchy and she’s really down to earth,Charlie is the only girl that’s rooted to reality in all of them.

So not cool, hareison Perfect for tweens and teens alike: The plane that a character took to the island is made from completely recycled materials, and had so many ridiculous contraptions in it I can’t even name them. It was witty, clever and interesting with likeable characters.

The Alphas

She’s also very boastful and she’s written a bunch of songs about how Allie A. Charlie had potential, but then Shira throws in the whole narc situation. She tries to climb her way up to stardom. I kinda like the island weird school vibe they have going one, but the head lady is freaking nuts. Or and this ones my favorite: At the end alohas the first book, laphas secret is revealed to everyone when the real Allie J. I don’t like Darwin though the main boy for both Charlie and Allie.

Is this ear-bleeding slang-type-speak the next Valley Girl? I’ve read a lot of critiques about them so I won’t alpjas too deep about it. Based on 31 reviews. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Want personalized picks that fit your family? In fact, she is Allie A.