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Q. Hello,. My questions are: 1. What is the difference between Alodine and Alocrom ? 2. How can I get information (technical data) for these two. Alocrom is ideal for coating all types of aluminium and aluminium alloys including high silicon pressure die-castings. It should be used on. Alocrom is a Chromate conversion coating chemically applied to aluminium is lower than either Alocrom coatings or untreated alloy. Alocrom is not.

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A blue-black colour will be obtained. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The tank should be sited in a well ventilated area and fitted with a properly designed extract system.

Alocrom – Aluminium Surface Engineering

The general provisions of the Contract, including General Conditions and Special Provisions apply to the work specified. Always apply evenly and liberally, working upwards on vertical surfaces. Alocrom and Alodine are the two trade names for the same product.

12200 hair care product Company More information. Seam with welding oxides and ferritic contamination from grinding Pickling The State Of The Art This article, written by John Swain of Anopol, examines the processes and equipment available for pickling stainless steels, together with the pros and cons arising when More information.

Chromate Conversion Coatings

The aluminium will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all oil, grease and oxide coatings. The coating is flexible, and will withstand bending and denting of surfaces. In recent alorom the movement in printmaking.


Use as More information. Operators should wear cotton gloves when handling freshly treated work. Oven drying speeds up production and a temperature of 70 C F is generally suitable but temperatures up qlocrom C F may be used where necessary.

Do not apply by spray-gun or any equipment which atomises the solution into the atmosphere. Our Finishes Click on a finish below for more information. At higher temperatures, there may be some loss of corrosion resistance, particularly on copper bearing alloys or where articles are to be left unpainted.

Corrosion resistance Excellent paint and power bonds Can withstand heat after coating Can self-heal if scratched Low electrical resistance However, alocrom plating is not suitable for decorative effects as a change in colour may occur.

Alkaline Soak Cleaners 2. The MSDS format adheres to the standards and regulatory requirements of the United States and may not meet regulatory requirements in other countries.

Carlsbad Office Impala Dr. Also the type of fires More information. Relevant identified uses of the More information.

ALOCROM 20Kg KIT | Pexa Shop

Personal hair care product Company. Working with solvents A guide to safe working practices Working with solvents A guide to safe working practices Introduction Working with solvents A guide to safe working practices This leaflet is aimed at employees who are exposed to solvents at work.


It has approval for repairing damaged anodic coatings used in aircraft. Introduction To combat the threat of bio-hazards in the workplace, sterilization and cleaning of the workplace and personal hygiene are very More information. This in turn will give 12200 top coating an improved flexibility. Rass-O -Nil treats and descales the. Does anyone know the process? To find out more about how alocrom can benefit your project, talk to our technical department by calling or use our online contact form.

Alocrom plating is a chrome conversion coating used to plate aluminium and increase corrosion resistance.

Alocrom 1200

It is important that lab. Its uses include general industrial work, electrical components, domestic appliances, car body parts and aircraft components.

It is used for: Laboratory Glassware Cleaning Laboratory glassware is valued for its durability, inertness, transparency and for presenting a simple, clean surface for a variety of applications. Prime Chemicals-Pakistan Acid Bright Zinc Bath ZincoBright, PC Introduction This low-acid acid zinc process produces mirror-bright, ductile and corrosion resistant zinc finishes on barrel- and jig articles of iron and steel. If the surface aloceom oxide free thorough solvent wiping is usually satisfactory provided the Alocrom wets the surface when it is applied.