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The Roman Games: Historical Sources in Translation. Front Cover. Alison Futrell. Wiley, Feb 9, – History – pages. Roman Games has 31 ratings and 0 reviews. This sourcebook presents a wealth of material relating to everyaspect of Roman spectacles. The Roman Games by Alison Futrell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Temporary structures in Rome. Covers chariot-races, water pageants, naval battles and wildanimal fights, as well as gladiatorial combat. Historical Sources in Translation. While this book may not be read like rooman novel, as it does romab a certain level of concentration and ranges widely from the dry, political wit of Cicero to the more boisterous passages from Juvenal and even Petronius, it is absorbing in its own way, particularly for those readers who are passionate about Rome.

Ancient Near East Mark W. Features of the Circus Maximus. Christian denunciation of the Arena. Review quote “A lively and wide-ranging collection of sources on Roman public spectacle.

Those interested in ancient Rome will welcome this fine sourcebook Her brief explanatory notes are insightful, learned and intended to provoke further research. Imperial Spectacle as Political Forum. Valeria, a beautiful young woman, passes behind the dictator and pulls off a little romna of wool from his toga before going to her seat qlison the row behind him. Nero delighted in presenting Christians, his favorite target group for persecution, while Commodus presented himself in the arena.


Common terms and alisoon Adapted from Loeb aedile ancient animals arena armature audience Augustus banquet battle blood Caligula Cary celebrated century chariot races Christian Cicero Circus Maximus Claudius Clodius Colosseum Commodus condemned consulship contest criminals crowd D. European History Ancient History: Tainted by the Crowd.

Offers snapshots of “a day at the games” and”the life of a gladiator. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Abram Delecki rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Slave gladiators and the Spartacan war. Early Rome Jaclyn Neel. While so engaged, he seized the stick of wood, tipped with a sponge, which was used for the vilest purposes and stuffed it, just as it was, down his throat; thus he blocked up his windpipe and choked the breath from his body.

The Roman Games: Historical Sources in Translation

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Roman games and also for the casual as well as the serious student of ancient history. The Best Books of You are currently using gamea site but have requested a page in the site.

The Emperor and the Arena. However, the answer is less than satisfying, as can be expected, since it is difficult to fathom the true depth of power that a single man commanded over all others. Historical Sources in Translation.

Featuring the accounts of eyewitnesses and participants, thebook reconstructs the experience of “a day at thegames” and the expectations of “the life of agladiator. Table of contents Reviews Features Illustrations. Matthew rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Chariot Races and Water Shows.

Where did gladiators come from?. While certain gladiators were treated as no more than beasts, such as the German above, there were many who had loving wives, a family and even children of their own, whom they honored and cherished.


Draws on the words of eye-witnesses and participants, as wellas depictions rojan the games in mosaics and other works of art. Elites in the Arena.

Roman Games by Alison Futrell

Spectacle and Roman Politics. Origins of Gladiatorial Combat. Glossary of Terms and Names.

Audiences at the Games. Alison Futrell has made an excellent selection and she introduces and links the extracts with very lucid and helpful commentary. I think it is an excellent reference book to have in your library or collection and I would urge anyone with more than a passing interest in ancient Rome to acquire a copy. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The famous Caracalla baths had quite a few portraits of gladiators and I guess these were the sports heroes of the time, with not only graffiti on the walls of the city but life like images that the general public could admire.

Inaugural Games at the Flavian Amphitheater.

Roman Games

Tell us your opinion – Submit your Review – Buy the book! Return to Book Page. Suggestions for Further Reading.