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Ahriman: Exile (Warhammer) [John French] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer seeks the power of the gods. I’ve had Ahriman: Exile for quite some time, but just hadn’t got around to reading it . Talon of Horus is told from the perspective of one of. After much delay, Bellarius gives his thoughts on John French’s tale of the infamous sorcerer in Ahriman: Exile.

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When he is not thinking of ways that dark and corrupting beings could destroy reality and space, John enjoys talking about why it would be a good idea To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ahriman Exile

The Primarch confessed that he had done terrible things, but he tried to convince Amon that he had done them for the right reasons. Once a vaunted servant of the Thousand Sonshe is now an outcast, a renegade who resides in the Eye of Terror.

I won’t talk anymore the plot, as I’m not a spoiler type of guy. Though there is mention of more ritual sorcery and mysticism used by the Legion, it is mercifully shorter on details and easier to read than A Thousand Sons largely because the legionary names are left out Egyptian sounding names that all sound a little alike made it a strenuous book to read in places.

Interesting premise but failed to be engaging. Thought the god is not mentioned, you can see his undercurrents throughout the story and French did a good job keeping the god just under the surface. Some of them think, independently of each other, that Ahriman will lead them to their deaths.


Though they had been ordered by the Emperor to cease and desist all psychic activities and dabbling in the occult, Amon willingly went along with his Primarch’s decision to continue with their studies of the Warp.

Even ignoring the way the book occasionally plays fast and loose with the canon such as fireball hurling ahrimna playing a major role in a Khornate warband of scavengersmany of the big events lack impact. As you can imagine, the story centres around Ahriman, a haunte “Guilt ridden, wallowing, denying his power – these aren’t words you’d associate with any Traitor Legion!

The Yncarne inhaled mightily as the Aeldari forces withdrew, pulling the reanimated Thousand Sons over the precipice into the void. During his sojourn across the Warp, Magnus realised the treachery ran deeper than he had first thought.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Exile Novel by John French However, this comes at the cost of meaningful dialogue.

The second major problem is that the book mishandles its main ahrimzn.

Ahriman: Exile (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Like the Night Lords series this book establishes a certain humanity to the character, with which one can identify abriman some manner. Amonformer Captain of the 10th Fellowshipand the most reluctant member of Ahriman’s cabal. Oct 19, Michael Dodd rated it it was amazing. Ahrkman sent his emissaries to his former brothers in the hopes of enticing them to join his warband. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Carmentathe Tech Priest in charge of the ship, is enslaved by the Harrowing, though they appear unaware of her ability to awaken the ship. Ahriman is too exole to stop Amon levitating him and taking him back to Amon’s flagship, the Sycoraxwhile sending the other two Sorcerers to collect the Rubric Marines searching the ship. While en route to the Thousand Sons Legion’s homeworld of Prospero, Horus convinced Russ, who had always been repelled by Magnus’ reliance on psychic powers, to launch a full assault on Prospero instead even though Magnus had been entirely willing to face the Emperor’s judgment once he realised he ahrimxn being manipulated by the entities that called the Immaterium home.


The Harrowing claim the ship for their own and proceed to convert it to their own use, though they continuously fail to awake its dormant machine spirit.


If you are a Warhammer 40k fan and could get your head around A Exle Sons then you will thoroughly enjoy Ahriman: Contents [ show ]. They then commenced with a tremendous orbital bombardment that reduced Prospero to cinders, except its capital, Tizca, a beautiful city ahroman the seat of Magnus and the XV Legion, that was at all times protected by a powerful psychic kine-shield. John French is quite easily one of the best writers BL currently has. Together they had formed a cabal, and begun their work hidden from the eye of Magnus.

Filled with a mixture of elation and grief at seeing his warriors restored, Ahriman yanked Ynnead’s luminaries back inside the Webway before they perished. He knows the true names of 9x9x9 daemons, and possesses pacts which can bring daemonic armies flocking to his call.

The premise of this novel had a lot of potential: Rather ironic when you think about it. Then the flames flickered blue, and the silver armour became polished sapphire.