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AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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This may not be the JAG who provided the initial advice about rights in the procedure. Failure to demonstrate the qualities of leadership required by the member’s grade. Military psychiatrists may also hear more than they are told if they anticipate that enlisted personnel who come to them are doing badly at their commands. Attorneys accustomed to the restraints of the courtroom will enjoy the opportunity at the relatively freewheeling proceedings.

Afj disorder discharges and ODPMC discharges based on adjustment disorders deserve particular note here. Note that information asserted in an unsworn statement is subject to rebuttal evidence, and therefore needs to be accurate and limited in scope. Sfi this point, it is often easier to demonstrate the flaws in psychiatric reports, performance evaluations and other record entries created to support the discharge, particularly if they can be compared to other evaluations or evidence from the same period of time.

As a result, servicemembers may not know the actual circumstances on which their discharge is based. JAGs often ari a wealth of experience in military law, knowledge of local commands, and an important official presence alongside respondents during the proceedings. Despite small differences in categorization of discharges, drug abuse is viewed as misconduct by all of the services. In misconduct cases, it is important to look for underlying issues that led to the misconduct or 3-63208 the command.

AFI Administrative Separation Of Airmen | Air Force Counseling Online

Thanks I was just curious because a friend sent me a link with conflicting info. And, needless to say, it is extremely difficult to obtain funding or military personnel for investigations, witness interviews 36-2308 expert evaluation of evidence, so that clients and representatives must often do the bulk of the work afu and hire civilian experts.

Servicemembers have the right to consult civilian counsel as well. All other members will be discharged. PT Failure admin discharge.


It refers to Encl. The military uses two discharge procedures, one allowing written response to the proposed discharge and the other allowing a hearing before an administrative board. They will probably hear that a demand for rights is useless, that statements af hearings never work, and that any response is just a waste of time. If these requests are denied, they can be raised directly to the separation authority, or to afj or her superior.

Counselors and attorneys should understand that this counseling process bears no resemblance to the counseling or rehabilitation we would anticipate in any civilian setting.

The only members who, otherwise qualify for ready reserve, will be accepted to enter into ready reserve are those who qualify for full separation pay or are separated for involuntary expiration of term of service.

On rare occasions, the acts are defensible as inevitable consequences of the medical condition. Commands know only a little more, with personnel officers or legal officers handling many of the procedural details and improperly making many decisions in discharge cases.

32 CFR 884.9 – Requests for custody of members stationed outside the United States.

Beginning in the summer ofcases must be reviewed and approved by a flag or general officer if members make such an assertion. In some cases, members may undergo a separation physical, as well as transitional classes on employment, VA benefits and the like before the discharge is 36-308 initiated.

In some cases, commanders will 3-63208 to respond to statements, usually trying to discredit the respondent, explain away mistakes in the proceedings, or lay on additional allegations of poor performance or misconduct.

The DoD Instruction provides the main descriptions, though there are some service variations. Commands unofficially encourage waiver of all rights, and military counsel may point out, rightly, that statements make little or no difference in most cases. Part II — Administrative Discharge Board Procedure Discharges This part looks at the more complex area of Administrative Discharge Board Procedure discharges, where other than honorable OTH discharge may be warranted, and where procedural rights are therefore greater.

It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from both a personality disorder and another, more serious disorder.

A young man enlists in the Marines during high school on promises of valuable training as a mechanic. As noted above, there are some limitations on OTH characterization of discharge for certain nonrandom testing, and a very small number of limitations on discharge. In a smaller service, the Coast Guard or Marine Corps, it is likely that some of 36-32008 people in the room will have served with each other or the commanding officer who appointed the board.


Where minor performance or conduct problems may warrant a General discharge, it may be important, but not always easy, to afj a mental disorder diagnosis as mitigation.

Other involuntary discharges, though less common, may raise problems for servicemembers. The members, generally through their JAG, and the command may make an agreement in which members waive the previously-demanded board on the condition that they be 363-208 a more favorable character of discharge.

Use voir dire as a chance to educate the board.

Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings | The Military Law Task Force

The manual, Fighting Back: Occasionally, this may be the position of the command, and occasionally the person who makes the threat may know it is true. These are sometimes the result of incorrect information provided to military doctors by commands. The criteria and procedures for enlisted administrative separations are set out in Afl Instruction In almost all cases, good-character letters from other military personnel are helpful. And many do so without reading the notice or statement of rights, so that they are completely unaware of what they are waiving and what the results may be.

Sometimes it is possible to show discriminatory motivation by a pattern of treatment of others of the same race or religion, but this is not always feasible in small commands or units.

Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings

Case Strategy and Preparation At the outset, of course, it is important for counsel, counselor and client to develop a strategy for the case. Common Reasons for Involuntary Discharge Misconduct discharge is a very common result of the service history described above. Notification Procedure Discharges First Steps: See ARSec. See supra, note 3.