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In Chapters 1, Ships and Men, Ulysses starts his journey home to Ithaca. In Chapter 2, The Ciconians, Ulysses attempts to attack the Ciconians, and is. Ulysses is a war hero from the Trojan War, a war that lasted a decade. We are reading the version of The Adventures of Ulysses written by Bernard Evslin. The leader of the Greek forces returning from Troy encounters the Cyclops, the beautiful sorceress Circe and more, as he tries to ward off the anger of the gods.

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Section 8, The Land of the Dead.

I especially liked a part uoysses the book where Ulysseus and his men find themselves on the island of Polyphemus. The Adventures of Ulysses from BookRags.

The Adventures of Ulysses – Section 10, The Sirens & Scylla and Charybdis Summary & Analysis

Get The Adventures of Ulysses from Amazon. Common terms evwlin phrases Achilles Aeolus Alcinous Antinous Athene awoke beach beautiful beggar belly Bernard Evslin black ship blood Calypso castle cave Ulyssrs Ciconians Circe climbed courtyard crew cried Ulysses Cyclops dead deck dreams Eumaeus Eurylochus Eurymachus eyes father fell fight fire flowers ghosts giant girls goats goddess gods golden Greek gull hand happened harbor head heard helm hero horse howling huge husband island Ithaca keep kill king knew land looked Lotusland mast mighty Morpheus naiad Nausicaa never night oars Ogygia Penelope Perimedes Phaeacia Polyphemus Poseidon raft rock sail sailors Scylla ship shipwrecks shouted singing Sirens sleep sound spear stag ulyssss stranger suitors swam swiftly sword tall Tartarus Teiresias Telemachus tell terrible things Thrinacia took trees Trojans Troy turned Ulysses saw voice voyage waiting warriors watched weaving wife wild wind wine wolves young Zeus.

As Ulysses fights against his bonds, his crew rows faster. And because of that, not a lot of other people are.


Section 6, Cannibal Beach. One scene that was pretty exciting was when Ulysses throws the giant rock slab at the suitors and kills them all with one try.

Sep 09, Ellieana rated it did not like it. His best-known evelin is Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Mythswhich has sold more than ten million copies worldwide and has been translated into ten different languages.

The king fears incurring the wrath of the gods by breaking the laws of hospitality so he holds a banquet in honor of his guest whom he learns is Ulysses. I think it would be better for a guy because ulyssew into action, but not for a girl. I really liked this book because the adventures were really cool and it tell’s the story really straight forward.

Quotes from The Adventures of All it talked about was war, war,and more war. Want to Read saving…. He is unable to help Ulysses who has a foreboding dream of the monsters he will encounter on his voyage. Hyperion petitions Zeus for vengeance which is granted in the form of a sea storm which ends the lives of all of the Hellenes except Ulysses who floats on a raft.

View the Study Pack. Ulysseus stabs out Polyphemus’ eye and him and his men escape out of the cave via under the bellies of giant sheep. For example, the bottom of page was kind of a let down because when we finally meet Argo, Ulysses’s 21 year old dog, he ulyssex dies in Ulysses’s hands with out any warming moments, he just dies.

To get home to his family. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. It was the worst book I read this year, honestly. Panda barnes and nobles probably or amazon.

Oct 30, Hayden Stoddard rated it really liked it. I especially liked a part in the book where Ulysseus and his men find themselves on the island The book “Ulysseus” by Bernard Evslin, was a good book if you like Greek mythology, and action.


The Adventures of Ulysses Summary & Study Guide

Ulysses and Jason are my two favorite heroes and I can’t get enough of their stories! Jan 18, Anna Pereira rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Dec 15, Misterdoctorproffesorpatrick rated it it was amazing.

Clinging to the bellies of Polyphemus’ goats, the Hellenes escape their imprisonment to Polyphemus’ chagrin. Account Options Sign in.

An estimated 30 million students have come into contact with Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths due to its repeated use in high school and college classrooms over the years. This section contains 1, words approx. View the Study Pack. Quick thinking is the only way to get out of this trouble.

Read for 6th grade English When I first read this when I was 11 years old, I thought it was too bloody and descriptive and yet boring. See all 3 questions about The Adventures of Ulysses…. Also, even though I do realize that this is fiction, some of the things Ulysses did was impossible, even in this setting.

The Adventures of Ulysses Summary & Study Guide

After this, they land on an island ruled by Circe who turns the Hellenes into pigs. Jan 13, Dimitra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Every daventures has grown up reading, or being read, tales. Ulysses is about to perish along with h Forceful. I may try uljsses one still, but I would Not recommend this one.

Greed causes many of the Hellenes’ troubles in the beginning of their voyage. View the Lesson Plans. Ulysses saved his many in various situations through the book.