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Wurde eine Batterie verschluckt, muss sofort medizinische Hilfe in Anspruch genommen werden. Tips and recommendations are marked with this symbol. Damages to the device Check the device for damages prior to each usage session. Ceinture pour monter le grand coussin de stimulation 5.

You can choose from 10 intensity levels. Sie erhalten es unter: Secure the microprocessor on the small stimulation pad using the snap fasteners. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen ca. Preparation for using the large stimulation pad 1. Sac de rangement 2. They are included in the product contents. Should a battery be swallowed seek medical help immediately.

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Ceux-ci pourraient endommager l’appareil. Do not use the product in the direct vicinity of devices that work with short or micro waves. Fast muscle contractions, tapping massage. You can use the large stimulation pad when working out your abdomen, back, shoulders, and buttocks. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection.


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There should be at least a 4-hour break between each use. Only use the battery type specified in the technical data. Place the belt with the large stimulation pad on the middle of your abdominal area to stimulate the corresponding muscle groups. Tipps und Empfehlungen sind mit diesem Symbol gekennzeichnet. The gel serves as a contact medium between the skin and electrode. Do not use any different battery types, brands or batteries with different capacitance. Zmax pro has a span of anoeitung 6 inch relief screen resolution full hd x pixels with protector gorilla glass 3.

Batteries and storage batteries must not be disposed of in normal household waste. Change the batteries immediately to ensure that the device functions properly.

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Adjusting belt for the large stimulation pad 5. The intensity level is too low. The battery light turns off. The device does NOT produce any vibrations or sound waves. Die Batterien sind zu schwach. Stimulation constante avec de longues contractions musculaires. Si vous deviez constater un dommage de transport, n’utilisez pas l’appareil!

Wischen Sie alle Teile mit einem leicht angefeuchteten Tuch ab und wischen mit einem weichen, trockenen Tuch nach. We expressly point out that improper use of the device and excessive muscle stimulation may be detrimental to your health.

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In the event the unit is defective, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Beginners should stimulate each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes per day! Do not use the device directly over your heart or chest.

If you shift the stimulation pads during use, you will notice that muscle contractions increase or decrease. Entfernen Sie nicht das Etikett mit den Benutzungshinweisen auf den Silikonelektroden!

Risk of Injury Keep pets and children away from the product and the packaging. Danger of suffocation by the wrapper and bags. The batteries have not been inserted properly.

If a battery has leaked, ensure that the battery acid does not come into contact with your skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.

Device-specific safety notes Only use accessories included in the product contents or exclusively those recommended by the manufacturer.

As the end user you are legally responsible for returning or properly disposing of the batteries.

N’utilisez pas l’appareil directement sur le coeur ou la poitrine. Keep children and pets away from the packaging.