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At the age of eighteen, Patrick Leigh Fermor set off from the heart of London on an epic journey—to walk to Constantinople. A Time of Gifts is the rich account of. A Time of Gifts Patrick Leigh Fermor John Murray £, pp One of the most romantic books of the twentieth century, Patrick Leigh Fermor’s. At the age of eighteen, Patrick Leigh Fermor set off from the heart of London on an epic journey—to walk to Constantinople. A Time of Gifts is.

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Grand architecture to wax poetic about in a sensory-overloaded, vertigo-inducing manner.

He assumes you have much the same knowledge or educational grounding as he does, and for those of his generation this was by and large true. Oh, what a moment in time Fermor captures: His powers of recollection have astonishing sweep and verve, and the scope is majestic.

Both jails and mayors of the small villages and friends introduced by other friends offered him a bed and a meal. Writing the book decades after the fact, in a baroque style that is always rigorous, never flowery, he was able to inject historical depth while still retaining the feeling of boyish enthusiasm and boundless curiosity. It is a book of compelling glimpses – not only of the events which were curdling Europe at that time, but also of its resplendent domes and monasteries, its great rivers, the sun on the Bavarian snow, the storks and frogs, the hospitable burgomasters who welcomed him, and that world’s grandeurs and courtesies.

Their experience will embolden readers to escape their status quo and build confidence and contentment by challenging themselves to try something new and reconsider their relationship with nature and the wild.

His host introduces him around as the “English globetrotter,” which PLF resents. Sealed away now beyond a score of watery loops, London had vanished and a lurid haze was the only hint of its whereabouts.


Romantic journey

Hitler has been Chancellor just nine months. It is unusual for travel writers to put pen to paper so long after the journey they describe. A Time of Gifts: Fermor’s ticket to such stays are people who write ahead partick friends, alerting them that a young man needing lodging tim food is coming through.

I spent a night in each of them and only a few scattered fragments remain: Mine comes at the beginning of the narrative.

A Time of Gifts | Patrick Leigh Fermor

Languages Italiano Edit links. Except for this church, the beautiful city was to be bombed to fragments a few years later.

That cannot have been an easy task, but he does it. If you were lucky, it was also a way to meet people, something he talks about as he wanders cross country and encounters people who take him in, give him a place to sleep and share their food, from counts in castles to the poorest farm folk.

He takes trains, no planes, and automobiles when necessary, but mostly he foots it, and, for a traveler, there’s no better way to find local color.

Every day of the year, winter or summer, in every corner of the British Isles, there’s plenty to see if you know where – and how – to look.

The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken. So, in summary, a beautifully written travel book, that also serves as a history book, and in the company of the most charming and enthusiastic teenager it’s possible to imagine.

Consider this passage from the beginning, right when the writer is setting out and pqtrick goodbye to his loved ones: Inat the age of patricm, Patrick Leigh Fermor set out on an extraordinary journey by foot – from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople.

It is a meditation on the role of the storyteller himself. May 08, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: At the age of eighteen, Patrick Leigh Fermor set off from the heart of London on an epic journey–to walk to Constantinople. Almost immediately, we are confronted with the extraordinary personality of the young man who wanders across their pages, and it is easy to imagine how this spirit must have charmed and delighted those with whom he came into contact.


Who would question that in a narrative written about Europe ofwith the clouds closing in? The Romanesque nave was packed and an anthem of great choral splendour rose from the gothic choir stalls, while the cauliflowering incense followed the plainsong across the slopes of the sunbeams.

This is a really wonderful armchair travel book. A planned third volume of Leigh Fermor’s journey to its completion in Constantinople was never completed.

Although I’m luckier than many of the other readers, having a knack for languages myself, it was still quite a challenge to comprehend Fermor’s complex English eloquence and to not become befuddled by his dazingly fanciful narrative digressions, literal and figurative.

Snow was piling up on the shoulders of a statue of Erasmus.

Fear, piety, zeal, strife and pride, tempered in the end by the milder impulses of munificence and learning and douceur de vivre, had flung up an unusual array of grand and unenigmatic monuments.

Patrick Leigh Fermorone of the most outstanding travel writers of the 20th century, wrote this book indescribing events that occurred when he was eighteen years old, in The book captures a world about to be torn apart by the rise of Nazism and Leigh Fermor comes across them and they are generally unpleasant; in contrast with most of those he meets. See all books by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

I admired his attire, the soft buckskin knee-breeches and gleaming brogues and a gray and green loden jacket with horn buttons and green lapels.