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Underlying the creation of the Syntopicon is the conviction that the books in this Once it was decided to create an idea index, no alternative indexing style was. The xi xii THE GREAT IDEAS various uses of the Syntopicon, described in Section III of this Preface, all derive from its primary purpose to serve as a guide to the. Pages including Index the Great Ideas, two volumes in a set entitled Great Books of the Western World. • These ideas were derived Syntopicon, second edition, to accompany the second edition of the Great Books, written in. and .

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David rated it it was amazing Oct 27, But consulting the other outlines has not been a waste of time. The chapters and the Inventory of Terms, taken together, are the tools the reader uses to participate in the great conversation across the centuries within the context of each idea.

Adler founded and served as director of the Institute for Philosophical Research in After reading these selections, turn to the Cross-References for additional material.

Readers who want only to study a specific idea can simply turn to it, since the ideas are arranged alphabetically from Angel to World. The most direct approach is to go directly to the Inventory of Terms. In these two volumes there are nearly 3, topics parceled out among ideas.

The first volume of the Synopticon shows that the Great Books talk about two main concerns: Such a unity exists because all of the books belong to the western tradition. In both lists the authors are in a general chronological order. These topics serve as headings for other topics grouped analytically under them.

The Syntopicon bears a great deal of the brunt of the ignominy, which is more unclear to me – I suspect people ridicule it without having read it.


Each list is divided into two sections. Refresh and try again. So how do I see and read this book?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The purpose of these volumes is to provide a subject-matter index to writings included in the Great Books of the Western World.

A Syntopicon: An Index to The Great Ideas – Wikipedia

University of Chicago Press. Matt rated it really liked it Aug 20, The introductory essay defines the nature and scope of the idea and serves as a guide to its topics. The Syntopicon consists of three main parts: He was also an advocate of economic democracy and wrote an influential preface to Louis Kelso’s The Capitalist Manifesto.

There were times, during the process when he admitted: Richard Munro rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Mortimer Jerome Adler was an American educator, philosopher, and popular author. Burtt, and George H. Aug 19, Daniel Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this case there is only one cross-reference relevant to the environment: Though it might seem like a strange practice, nearly like reading the dictionary or an encyclopedia, I can’t recommend the practice enough.

The second group lists works by other authors. In his own words: In one picture, editor Joe Roddy is shown weighing the number of entries about love on a scale.

Indeed, the reader may get a deeper perspective on the issue by seeing how it is treated under different ideas. Each chapter is broken down into five distinct sections: Because all of the ideas have been included in the list, the Inventory of Terms is also quite useful for expanding the research possibilities for each of the ideas.

The abundance of material found under this topic will add significantly to the material gleaned from Life and Death 4. Emily Coenen rated it it was amazing Jun 11, Naveed rated it it was amazing Jun 30, This is an ironic thing to say about this book, considering it was created for one of the least elite entities in the world: The Bibliography provides authors’ full names, complete book titles, and dates of publication. Another is the conception that the chief purpose of reading a book is to crack its shell and reach its kernel—the form itself being unimportant decoration.


Adler’s competence in the field [of philosophy]” and resisted Adler’s appointment to the University’s Department of Philosophy. In this case, the references range from Herodotus in the 5th century b. The Additional Readings provide a listing of other works on ieas idea.

Get a set of the Great Books and start reading – and don’t skip the Syntopicon. Perhaps the list of references is somewhat slanted and perhaps incomplete, but that isn’t even the real utility of this resource.

The Great Ideas: A Syntopicon of Great Books of the Western World, Volume I

This is when the Inventory of Terms comes in handy. David rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Adler soon returned to school to take writing classes at night where he discovered the works of men he would come to call heroes: Views Read Edit View history. The Cross-References make up the fourth part of each chapter. To ask other readers questions about The Great Ideasplease sign up. Examining the materials in chronological order enables the reader to follow the actual development of thought on a topic.