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Each instruction has a one-byte (8-bit) operation codes or opcode. With 8- bit binary opcode, a total of different operation codes can. Opcode sheet for Microprocessor with descriptionMnemonic ACI n ADC r ADC M ADD r ADD M ADI n ANA r ANA M ANI n CALL a CC a CM a CMA CMC. tes. com. Gursharan Singh Tatla. Page 1 of 6. OPCODES TABLE OF INTEL Opcodes of Intel in Alphabetical Order. Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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The Last Bencher: Reference Sheet OpCodes

The accumulator stores the results of arithmetic and logical operations, and the flags register bits sign, zero, auxiliary carry, parity, and carry flags are set or cleared according to the results of these operations.

Subtraction and bitwise logical operations on 16 bits is done in 8-bit steps.

I have book marked it for later! Exchange H and L with D and E. Pin 39 is used as the Hold pin. Load the opcoves indirect. The stack pointer is incremented by 1 and the contents of that memory location are copied to the high-order register B, D, H, A of the operand. The contents of the accumulator are copied into the memory location specified by the contents of the operand. It is the little changes which will make the most important changes.

Discontinued BCD oriented 4-bit The zero flag is set if the result of the operation was 0. However, an circuit requires an 8-bit address latch, so Intel manufactured several support chips with an address latch built in. The contents of the accumulator are copied into the memory location opcpdes by the operand. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Pop off stack to the register pair. The screen and keyboard can be switched between them, allowing programs to be assembled on one processor large programs took awhile while files are edited in the other.


8085 Data-transfer Instructions

I would opcoses to apprentice while you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog site? In many engineering schools [7] [8] the processor is used in introductory microprocessor courses. This capability matched that of the competing Z80a popular derived CPU introduced the year before. From Wikipedia, opcoeds free encyclopedia. Like larger processors, it has CALL and RET instructions for multi-level procedure calls and returns which can be conditionally executed, like jumps and instructions to save and restore any bit register-pair on the machine stack.

It also has a bit program counter and a bit opcofes pointer to memory replacing the ‘s internal stack. The is a binary compatible follow up on the My blg site is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit frtom some of the information you present here. Hi there to all, the contents present at this web site are actually awesome for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows. Load H and L registers direct. A number of undocumented instructions and flags were discovered by two software engineers, Wolfgang Dehnhardt and Villy M.

The uses approximately 6, transistors. Lucky me Idiscovered your blog by chance stumbleupon. The incorporates the functions of the clock generator and the system controller on chip, increasing the level of integration.


Software simulators are available for the microprocessor, which allow simulated execution of opcodes in a graphical environment. Although the is an 8-bit processor, it has some bit operations.

The parity flag is set according ipcodes the parity odd or even of the accumulator. Lastly, the carry flag is set if a carry-over from bit 7 of the accumulator the MSB occurred. Input data to accumulator from a port with 8-bit address. All three are masked after a normal CPU reset. More complex operations and other arithmetic operations must be implemented in software.

Copy H and L registers to the stack pointer. By using this site, you agree to the Opcods of Use and Privacy Policy. One sophisticated instruction is XTHL, which is used for exchanging the register pair HL with the value stored at the address indicated by the stack pointer. There is definately a great deal to find out about this issue.

Just wanted to tell you keep up the ggood work! The stack pointer register is again incremented by 1.

Many of these support chips were also used with other processors. I have bookmarked it for later! Rd, data M, data. These instructions are written in the form of a program which is used to perform various operations such as branching, addition, subtraction, bitwise logicaland bit shift operations.

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