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Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. So someone got me a Borders gift card for Christmas, and I already had all the D&D books I wanted, so I went ahead and got the FRPG. Just curious, my friend wants to play a swordmage and I have no clue which book to find it in, but I know the class exists Help? Thanks!.

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Is it out now? And isn’t that just what a defender should accomplish? Aegis of Assault Swordmage Feature [spoiler] You create an arcane link between you and a swordmzge, allowing you to instantly respond to its attacks with a counter assault.

Retributive Shield Human Feat: Perhaps the swordmage pays for easy defense with hard health? This is why I’m having trouble. My enthusiasm for PHB2 has dropped. Our aegis range is expanded by one square, our attack stat gains a higher modifier, and we get to swap our almost useless paragon path power for a better one.

Sort of a consolation prize The character becomes trained in Arcana. Here is point by point what you asked. Plus there’s really just no reason to use them outside of Twitter.

Magical barriers of force swirl around you, protecting you from harm. Acid for Blood D15 Damage to a single target and ongoing acid damage to it. Intelligence, Strength, Constitution Armor Proficiencies: This build will try to make a reasonable ranged defender. Now that said, in epic, Shielding Swordmages make great secondary defenders. The wording of the power is unclear whether you have to be currently affected by a condition.


Your ad here, right now: Please login or register. Flame Cyclone E1 A useful Close burst attack that does a good amount of damage for its level.

Some consider Surprising Transposition inferior to Dimensional Vortex.

Still, sort of swordkage. After I finished this guide, I saw that it could work as a hybrid Swordmage Cleric, although you have to cherry-pick powers from two classes who aren’t known for their ranged abilities. Meteor Strike E23 Doesn’t do as much damage to a target as other encounter powers of this level, but it does damage to multiple targets – still pretty nice. We can now mark enemies from a distance of 5 squares.

I choose to use a sworvmage to the rating system developed by Blade in his 3. Swordmave Twilight Falls sworemage just plain awesome in combination with your mark. Your melee skills are most important, but you also have attacks that can hit multiple creatures or injure creatures at range.

They were promptly shoved under a rock and buried with as much of the embarrassing shit from that book as possible, the theme lived on in first a prestige class, and then the Eldritch Knight, and then the Duskblade of 3rd edition. We also retrain Improved Initiative for Psychic lock, so a lot of our powers will now impose massive penalties to hit on the targets.

This is mainly because of masterwork armor. And, substituting encounters for dailies in most battles, you can do it every fight.

Swordmage Handbook

This is useful because since Aegis of Shielding is an Interrupt, you can stop an attack against your ally. I don’t, because it gives us an extra option if we use it.

Must be really hard to mod being 5 bears and all. On your turn, you still have those bonuses, swoordmage you use your Headband of Intellect’s minor action power to gain a plus 4 on top of the plus 2 you’ve already got, use an action point, and wreck the heck out of your enemies. Your final ability boosts bring your aegis’ range to nine squares, and your new feat lets swordmagr get tarrasque plate armor.



We end paragon tier with sqordmage small boost to will, as well as better protection against some nasty effects. The classes will be: Our new daily power, Slumber of the winter court, has a chance of knocking the target unconscious whether it hits or misses, so Sleep is not longer required.

I don’t remember any way the swordmage gets to add another stat to damage on his attacks of oportunity however. Those players who are fans of gishes are conflicted on the Swordmage. Here’s a class guide from the CharOp forum. That’s not “starts to add up quickly”, that’s a small difference that might matter when you use a 5[W] power, but not a basic attack.

Do not use URL shorteners. The two handed fighter will take more pain, but will finish his enemies faster, so it all balances itself in the end. Tis in a dragon article sadly and according to the character builder which swordnage rules legal characters for RPGA and such dragon articles supersede the back of the MM.

Dimensional Warp U2 Great for getting an ally out of a tight spot, or getting a Striker into position.