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(Complete Mage, p. 37) [Reserve] Prerequisite Edit. Watchful spirit class feature (see the wu jen class in Complete Arcane). D&D – Complete Mage Errata – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. grond D&D E – Animated Series Handbook. Uploaded. Complete Arcane has Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil which I actually don’t allow in my games. It has a Polymorph specialist which would be.

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Creatures ccomplete make successful Fortitude saves DC based on the second spell are fatigued for 1 round. You can have only one retributive spell cast at a time.

Complete Mage (e Class) – D&D Wiki

Complete Mage CArcane has the better PrCs cooler anyway, I’ll leave the power discussion to others and the base classes even if I’m not partial to any of them. I think the references to multiclassing beguiler are a bit out of place. This bonus applies only against the foe or foes you attacked, not against any other creatures affected by the spell. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: I cannot and will not be responsible for you, nor are you for me, regardless of situation or circumstance.

Rapid Summoning Cast summoning spells that have a casting time of 1 round or less as a standard action. Your watchful spirit helps you defend yourself. Spell Focus chosen school or specialist wizard in chosen school.

Activating this ability is a swift action; you must touch the weapon to be affected as part of the action. The epic Mage gains a bonus feat selected from a combined list of epic Sorcerer and Wizard bonus feats cojplete three levels after 20th. They like to fling spells from behind their tank, and never engage in melee combat. Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer.


Energy Substitution Better than the feat, so if you maage going to take it, might as well get it this way.

One of the weaker master specialist options, on top of an already-weak specialty. Master Necromancer Lots of undead-ally buffing, which is kind of missing the point for a wizard necromancer, but the effects are good and you should have at least a few. You can have only one summoned elemental from this feat at complte time; if you use the ability a second time, the first elemental disappears.

Complete Mage Feats

For instance, a fireball deals the extra damage to all creatures in the area it affects. Awesome avatar by starwoof. Mindbender This prestige class from Complete Arcane is bad. Any living creature damaged by both spells is nauseated for 1 round.

Complete Arcane vs. Complete Mage

As a Wizard, your allies will expect you to spend your turns doing your best to disable enemies completely with a single action. It still had some perks the Warlock was nice – if weak, Battle Caster a much-needed option for gishes and the Mage Slayer feats were interestingbut that doesn’t quite make a good supplement. Also, you must remain close to the elemental you summon. Enhanced Undead Not really worth it, though the effect mabe good. If it works like mirror imagethough, that would be pretty worthwhile.

Here’s a fun experiment: Your mastery of the wind allows you to alter the flight of a ranged weapon. Chains of Disbelief You want this. My first character was an enchantment-focused con artist sorcerer.

Ability to cast 3rd-level spells. Scott The New World, Part 9: The first one is pretty awesome.

Also, you gain one extra initiative reroll from your watchful spirit class feature. You wreak havoc with the inner organs of a target, causing it to grow ill. Even if you manage to cut an enemy’s health in half with a fireball spell, that enemy can continue to do their full damage to you or your allies and you essentially wasted your turn.


None really captivates my attention more than the other though I strangely incline towards Complete Mage because it offers some nice options. This energy resistance lasts for the duration of the abjuration spell you cast or until you are struck by any type of energy damage acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic. Ability to cast complwte spells. Comlpete here for more. Essentially, his spell list is the same as his spells known list.

Well maybe tomorrow if I have time. Your caster level and save DCs for evil spells and warlock invocations increase by 1. However, if a 3rd-level warmage casts magic missile and produces two missiles, only one of them of the warmage’s choice gains the extra damage, even if both missiles are directed at the same target.

If you do build for them, you should be using them all the time and should just prepare them. These values stack with any resistance to acid or fire you might have from your type, cojplete, race, or class, but not from other sources, such as spells or magic items.

Your watchful spirit takes revenge on foes that have harmed you. For example, if Hennet uses a 5th-level slot to cast an empowered lightning bolt, in the next round he can use a 3rdlevel slot to cast another empowered lightning bolt.