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Even if Sorulaar does not directly lobby the Commission for 18 months, she is clearly a high-profile and well-connected individual and she would be able to provide substantial advocacy advice indirect lobbying to her new employer. October 28th Revolving doors.

Is it having your name and photo on the website, or something more? In our view, the Commission should not have authorised this move. The new roles of the Barroso II Commission in 10 factoids We have pulled together a spreadsheet of the new roles taken on by departing members of the Barroso II Commission. Notwithstanding Kallas’ short tenure with Nortal, the Commission should not have authorised this role.


The revolving doors spin again

Yet as a board member she has a fiduciary duty to act in the interests of the company and this could conflict with her ongoing commitments to the Commission and the wider public interest. While the report supports the move to decarbonisation of the EU’s energy system byits policy recommendations appear to be more in tune with Enel’s interests and include a single market for energy which would make it easier for big energy companies to operate across bordersand a stronger emissions trading scheme.

Despite the fact that the Sgs of Conduct for Commissioners was reformed in following the revolving door scandals involving the departures amleri members of the Barroso I Commission, major loopholes remain in both the rules and the way in which they are zmleru see annex at the end of this article. It is not always possible to understand the rationale of the Sorulr in its handling of these roles: The revolving doors spin again. December 21st The power of lobbiesClimate and energy.


Yet, despite this, as this report illustrates, the problem of the revolving door has continued as the Barroso II Commission left office.

Exposing the lobbying of big business costs money. Many, although not all of these, are unpaid or honorary positions. We contacted Karel de Gucht prior to publishing this report; no response was received. By contrast, it did go through a formal authori s ation process for Barroso’s new role as an unpaid member of the international board of ce Madrid Opera House!

The MEP Code of Conduct should be urgently reformed to prevent MEPs from holding certain second zlmeri, including consultancies, lobby jobs and paid directorships.

Furthermore, Kroes was a European commissioner during the entire span of the financial crisis; we question whether it is appropriate for her to join a major bank with European interests, in any capacity, so soon after leaving the Commission. In Septembera research report written for the Sorjlar Parliament concluded that:. December 5th The power of lobbiesEnvironment. Ukrainian Business Ombudsman The ban on lobbying should be extended to a full three years and it should explicitly cover both direct and indirect lobbying.

The interests and opinions of citizens have become sidelined in the resulting turmoil. Here is a digested summary all figures ge as of 23 October Some MEPs have and will raise this issue with the Commission but the power balance vgs these 2 institutions does not make it straightforward.

The Nature Conservancy publicly announced its recruitment of Damanaki one month before the role was authorised by the Commission, something which the rules should clearly forbid. The Ad hoc Ethical Committee writes: In the hierarchy of EU decision-makers the 28 European commissioners, one for each of the member states, would probably be regarded as the most important. Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians. The current Ad hoc Ethical Committee should be abolished and replaced with a fully independent ethics committee made up of experts drawn from member states’ ethics and administration systems, with no links to the EU institutions, which would be responsible for the whole authorisation process.


It can only consider the cases that are referred to it by the Commission, and the Commission only hands over cases where a proposed new role is considered to have a link with the commissioner’s former portfolio or another specific concern.

This report is jointly published with LobbyControl. Her Majesty the Queen of 200. Agfa-Gevaert Viviane Reding. De Gucht is the former EU Commissioner for Trade, and has been criticised by civil society for the way he consistently put big business in the driving seat of EU trade negotiations.

The revolving doors spin again | Corporate Europe Observatory

However, she has secured authorisation for a number of new paid and unpaid roles. My contract with Nortal was terminated as from the 6th of Augustabout what I informed the European Commission. Departed commissioners still operating within the new Commission: Finally, we note that there are no revolving doors rules which apply to the President of the European Council.

In our view, at least eight revolving door roles, held by four commissioners, should not have received authorisation at alldue to the risk of possible conflicts of interest.