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There were 16 mahajanapadas / kingdoms which are mentioned in the ancient literature and scriptures. It must be noted here that these sixteen. Many prominent ancient Buddhist texts make frequent references to the ’16 great kingdoms’ (mahajanapadas) that flourished between the sixth. Find 16 Mahajanapadas map, refers to sixteen great nations exist before the start of Buddhism in India.

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The Jataka also gives another name Chandahara for Gandhara.

mahaanapadas Sotthivatnagara, the Sukti or Suktimati of Mahabharatawas the capital of Chedi. February 19th, 2 Comments. An Investigationp. The country of Kosalas was mahajanxpadas to the north-west of Magadha with its capital at Savatthi Sravasti. In the introductory portion of the Ekapanna Jataka, the Vaishali was described as encompassed by a triple wall with the three gates with watch-towers.

The Ashmakas are also mentioned by Panini and placed in the north-west in the Markendeya Purana and the Brhat Samhita.

16 Mahajanapadas : History, Location, Capitals

The kingdom of Kosala was located close to the kingdom of Magadha. Kosala was ultimately merged into Magadha when Vidudabha was Kosala’s ruler. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. Avanti later became part of the Magadhan empire. The Kambojas are known to have had both Iranian as well as Indian affinities [50] [51] There is evidence that the Kambojas used a republican form of government from Epic times.

Ankush December 18, at 6: Assaka or Ashmaka was located on the Dakshinapatha or southern high road, outside the pale of Madhyadesa. Sometimes, large forests,ahajanapadas were larger than the kingdoms themselves, formed boundaries, such as the Naimisha Forest between Panchala and Kosala kingdoms. Surasena was the sacred land of Lord Krishna in which he was mahajznapadas, raised, and ruled. To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. Udayana was an Upasaka lay follower of Buddha, and made Buddhism the state religion.


February 27th, 2 Comments. Kamboja and Gandhara formed the twentieth and richest strapy of Achaemenid Empire. Several jataka tales bear witness to the superiority of its capital over other cities in India and speak highly of its prosperity and opulence. Rachana Rathore December 19, at Colonial states — Portuguese India.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of uranium in India. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:. ,ahajanapadas to Gandhara Jataka, at one time, Gandhara formed a part of the kingdom of Kashmir. Kautiliya’s Arthashastra relates that the Vrishnis, Andhakas and other allied tribes of the Yadavas formed a Samgha and Vasudeva Krishna is described as the Samgha-mukhya.

Late medieval period — At one time, Assaka included Mulaka and abutted Avanti. Many Buddhist texts refer to the kingdom as a republican dominion made up of nine territories. mahhajanapadas

The western Matsya was the hill tract on the north bank of the Chambal. The Great Rebellionc. Jainism had already reached many parts of India. According to ancient texts, Brihadratha was the earliest known ruler of Magadha. The cis-Hindukush region from Nurestan up to Rajauri in southwest of Kashmir sharing borders with the Daradas and the Gandharas constituted the Kamboja country [47]. Hi I am an exam aspirant your website is helping a lot for me think u so much for u. Originally a monarchical clanthe Panchals appear to have switched to republican corporation in the 6th and 5th centuries BCE.


16 Mahajanapadas: Ancient History UPSC Exam Preparation

Chulla-Niddesaanother ancient text of the Buddhist canon, adds Kalinga to the list and substitutes Yona for Gandhara, thus listing the Kamboja and the Yona as the only Mahajanapadas from Uttarapatha. Naturally, they may have once been a cognate people [37] [38] [39] [40].

The Kashis along with the Kosalas and Videhans find mention in Vedic texts and appear to have been a closely allied people. The other names for the city were Magadhapura, Brihadrathapura, Vasumati, Kushagrapura and Bimbisarapuri. They were all eventually absorbed into the the Maurya Empire after B. Scholars Marija Gimbutas J. Apart from Vaishali, which was its capital city, Vajji also housed popular ancient cities like Hatthigama, Bhoganagara, and Kundapura.

Mahajanapadas Map

A branch of Chedis founded a royal dynasty in the kingdom of Kalinga according to the Hathigumpha Inscription of Kharvela. It finds mention as the center of Vedic Dharma. Like Kuru, Malla kingdom too had monarchical forms of government, but later moved towards the republican form of government. They were also the political and 1 context in which Buddhism and Jainism mahajanzpadas and developed.

Hi I am exam an exam aspirant your website is helping a lot for me think u so much for u.