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file with the IRS either Form NR or Form NR-EZ, and provide the. Department’s Office of Form NR-EZ “U.S. Income Tax Return for Certain. Tax expert to help filling out form NR EZ Aug 24, How should I fill out the NR EZ form and be sure that it is right? thank you. Fill out IRS NR-EZ form in PDF online. N Form NR-EZ Page 2 Schedule OI Other Information see instructions form nr ez.

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In your case, the standard deduction will exceed your income so you get a refund for whatever amount was withheld. I’m going to be honest with you. Go to your school and see if someone there can give you free but legit advice.

Your case is very simple. Fearsome Forehand Professional Aug 24, Have your taxes done professionally this year. Depends on your comfort level. Are we actually taxing college scholarships now? Tax Guide for Aliens, linked below. Understand that first of all, your tax situation is very easy and is “template similar” to thousands of others. As an NR college student on full scholarship and no income I’m at a loss as why you feel a refund is in order?

I would seek out a professor in your accounting department. My accountant is the true GOAT in a weak economic era. This was handy, since I could see the correct way to do my taxes when I bought TurboTax the next year.


If the government owes you money, they could not care less if you ever file a return. I am french and France has a tax treaty with the united states. What school do you go to? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Agent Orynge Professional Aug 24, Most people are so terrified of taxes that they just throw 1040nnr at a tax pereparer for piece of mind. You have income, a standard deduction and the difference between the two.

You must log in or register to reply here. This is the one I found: I would advise a few different approaches.

Tax expert to help filling out form NR EZ | Talk Tennis

I just used google to find a site that works with non-resident tax forms and your form in particular. You should be able to handle it yourself. Then next year, do them yourself with on-line software.

Ask your school or contact a local CPA or Tax attorney who will talk with you in an initial meeting for usually no fee. Without seeing all your documents and knowing your exact situation no one here can really answer your question the NR EZ is dummy proof. Tax expert to help filling out form NR EZ.

Master best class financial planning. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. She fired me years ago as a freeloading client when she got too busy. I am 1040nd D1 international college player on scholarship and I had to turn in my tax forms to the appropriate service by april 18th or something like that.


Been doing it almost 10 years now with very few issues.

Tax expert to help filling out form 1040NR EZ

That said, why float them a loan? I found that link describing international treaties: In fact, 10040nr would prefer that you don’t. My sister is a CPA.

Take some time 0211 understand how the forms were completed, which forms are necessary, etc. Suprised nobody has a clue. When I asked her for the previous year’s tax documents, she e-mailed me a TurboTax file and 1040n to buy it next year.

If you have the forms stating the income and taxes withled the EZ form should be self explanatory. Since I did not know exactly how to fill them out I didn’t send it but everybody told me it is not a big deal.

Thread starter gaulthier Start date Aug 24, I’m a CPA and used to do taxes. Someone with a clue could do your taxes in less than 5 minutes and gratis no less. Forums New posts Search forums.