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Read story 10 Signatures to bargain with God. by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Ate Dennysaur *u*) with reads. denny, 10signatures, drama. Story not. 10 Signatures to Bargain with God (FB COMPILATION COPY — PROLOGUE TO ‘HaveYouSeenThisGirL Book Collection List of published books by HYSTG. Read story 10 Signatures to bargain with God. by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Ate Dennysaur *u*) with reads. god, 10sig.

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I cried havsyouseenthisgirl lot reading this wonderful story. We play with each other, have fun, get hurt, help one another, eat when we get exhausted and play again. I’m sorry for being selfish and leaving you all alone. Open Preview See a Problem?

Paano kung naging walang kwenta lang pala ang buhay mo, nanaisin mo bang pigilan ang pagkaupos ng kandila upang baguhin at lagyan bg kulay ang napabayaan at binabalewala mong buhay? Minsan, akala natin matagal pa tayong mamamatay pero minsan talaga mali ang akala natin. Kudos to you, Denny!! When I was 14, my goal was to have readers who will appreciate my story, goal accomplished.

I missed you guys, instead of telling you something about me why don’t you guys narrate something to me about those days? If you’ll ask me the same question again, I’ll tell you a different answer. Since when haveyouesenthisgirl our school have a statue there?

10 Signatures to Bargain With God by HaveYouSeenThisGirL

Jun 10, Nel rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am a hopeless romantic, you know that guys. A story that will make you ready to face the reality of dying.


And now, I’m dying. I still think of myself and I’m still selfish but I will never commit the same mistake again. Aren’t we that inextricable?

I don’t go to Sunday mass neither do I pray or genuflect when I passby the church. I’ve been thinking about it these past few weeks, we all are God’s children and the World is just our playground where God left us all to play and have fun. Return to Book Page. I will die but I’m not dying, mom. Technologies made us less of an observer, we don’t appreciate the marvelous things around us anymore because we bow down our heads to superficial things. I want to go, mom won’t let me. Go sweat but dont die!

Pardon the grammar, I did not take time to edit this and I admit my tenses suck. It made me realize so much about life and death and even in spiritual aspects.


And the peace makers? I want to tell you guys what I want to happen before dying. My words are nothing but guilt and regret. I want to know, what is the saddest thing about death? And how about you? She visits his tomb almost everyday. I’ll also miss the times that I get a low grade and you guys scold me for not studying hard. Before dying, I want to buy a seed and to make a plant grow.

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I can’t blame her, even if it has already been 8years, the wound I gave her will always remain a wound. This is my favorite masterpiece of Denny.

10 Signatures to Bargain With God

This story was so great I bawled like a new-born. We’re all abnormal in our way of thinking. You just disappeared one day and we didnt have any news about you after! We are always a family rather than a class. It was our favorite song, it was our graduation song in elementary!

Who knows how long he was sitting there beside witg, I was too busy texting. I turn my head to that direction and from the moon’s reflection, I see her standing near a tree with a troubled face while she is holding her phone. I will miss these guys. There’s no need for a present, you’re more than enough. Our family decided to spend our summer vacation in our grandparent’s house but for a teenager like me spending my summer in the oldies’ house was very boring so I ended up wasting my summer with my beloved phone texting my friends from school.

It has been a long time.