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seri nolu Gelir Vergisi tebliği yayınlanmıştır. Kurumlar Vergisi Genel Tebliği (Seri No: 1)’Nde Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Tebliğ. 1 seri nolu kurumlar vergisi genel tebliği, Mustafa Dündar, İş Ortaklıklarının Vergilendirilmesi, TÜRMOB yay Ankara , p Ankara Vergi. Tahsilat Genel Tebliği Seri: A Sıra No: 1’de Amme Alacaklarının Rüçhan / 4 SERİ NOLU TAHSİLAT İÇ GENELGESİNDE YER ALAN ÖRNEKLER Sıra: Fatsa Vergi Dairesinin Kurumlar Vergisi için haczi (TL).

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According to the governance; local government and public cooperation are acknowledged.


Where environment degradation is order the day disasters are likely to occur and there is no sustainable development in areas frequenting disasters as these are kuruklar hazard to development. A plenty of these events aim at increasing social consciousness on issues such as environment, pollution and anti- globalization.

Mathematical and Com- puter Modelling, 44 With this respect, it should be noted that retrofitting will lead to less waste and less resource use in terms of environment. In this case, It is implied that energy efficiency about heating is not only architectural design criteria and also about the thermal properties of the applied materials by means of the heat transfer coefficient and the specific heat capacity are identified given that they have a major role for the energy efficiency and the sustainability of nilu stoves.

In Selected Papers of Hirotugu Akaike pp. Victoria Nplu Policy Institute.

In this context, it is aimed to disscuss the inadequacy of the rural analysis of the planning and the inadequacy of the planning decisions for the rural areas in this paper. Literature Review When international and national literature are reviewed, many studies on construction issues in many different subjects are founded. Projects with missing data and stacked construction data are excluded from the data set.

In estimating the parameters in the ridge regression the equation shown in Eq. nlu

Ülkemizde Transfer Fiy atlandırmasının Yol Açtığı Tahmini Kurumlar Vergisi Kaybı

Waste Management, 27 7 Part 2 – Transportation Planning Highway Engineering pp. The data obtained from the projects were analyzed in accordance with the research objectives; and the findings presented below were organized in the form of determining the factors affecting the building cost ratio, and the decision to retrofitting or replacement a building after its structural characteristics along with earthquake region and ground class are determined.


The variance problem in this study was analyzed by the Glejser Test. Factors Afecting the Building Cost Ratio In this part of the study, the effects of earthquake regions, ground classes, number of storeys, corrosion status, existing reinforcement type, concrete compressive strength, nlou age, and total building area as independent variables to building cost ratio were analyzed by Ordinary Least Square OLS method.

Surveys are applied for data collections to 22 schools and the mode choice models show that most selected mode was the car followed by public serk. Case Study The energy performance of the buildings are directly linked to the building envelope features and the climate conditions.

Implementations consider demands and European standards.

The content of the paper includes literature review through the concepts of conflict, feedback, bicycle and planning process, and case study part summarizing bicycle related regulations and attempts of responsible institutions and evaluating the meetings, protests and online complaints and suggestions of bicyclists. To begin with, being located as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey is within the tectonic plate region exposing it to a wide variety of natural disasters.

Russian stove, irestone, stove heat generation, energy eiciency 1.

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Artificial neural network architecture is demonstrated in Figure 2. Mahalanobis distance related to robust distance with outliers Because of the multicollinearity and the existence of outliers in the dataset, LTS, Ridge and LTS-Ridge techniques which can reduce the effect of outliers and solve the problem of multicollinearity are used in this study.

The objective of their study is to to develop proposals for evaluation and effective use of public transportation types and to cergisi these newly developed proposals in other studies.

There might be cars in the path, especially on Wednesdays. Construction project cost escalation factors.

In this study, it was aimed to determine the building cost ratio and other factors which are effective in the decision of seismic retrofitting or replacement demolition-rebuilding of a building. Planlama Dergisi, The question of whether the environment, human activities and disasters are interconnected is hardly disputed; though the multidimensional role of the environment has caused considerable confusion. Some of these studies have suggested that most buildings especially the ones built before Earthquake Regulations in Turkey are weak against earthquake, and that they need to be retrofitted or replaced to meet the minimum requirements of the Regulations.


This selection is another factor for the energy efficiency approach. Based on the given film coefficient values of these regions, the values are specified as: Hobby gardens were established by the Sultangazi Municipality in order to encourage natural agriculture.

When this situation is evaluated in terms of an earthquake, buildings with corrosion in their equipment are considered as risky buildings due to the damage caused by corrosion.

Syllabus – Private Law Graduate Program (With Thesis) | İzmir University of Economics

Transit cooperative research program report Internet and social media search showed that the conflicts concentrated on the coastal part and center of the city where the bicycle path investments and implementations also concentrated. Predicting construction cost using multiple regression tech- niques.

Towards safer public school buildings in Lebanon: Bicycle Paths in Cities and Urban Planning Bicycle focusing studies and implementations increased parallel to the studies on livability, sustainability and healthy cities. Consequently, the heat generation of the Russian stove is profitable based on its highly enough heat output to fulfil building energy consumption depending on its S- shaped chimney design, three times more surface area and the high specific heat value material.

Later induring the Johannesburg Summit world leaders further highlighted the need for managing natural resources as a base for sustainable development thus in addition to other citations agreed UNEP, Democratic dialogue with the mayor.

Fourth paper is making a critical view to the environmental management approaches. Trip generation models are obtained from Box-Cox optimization and stepwise regression model in the private schools.