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2 days ago I’m having problems syncing my MacJournal data from my iPad to my Mac. Either my iPad doesn’t see my Mac, or the sync never completes. Unlike other journal applications, MacJournal is packed with features, setting it apart. “MacJournal remains our app of choice for digital diary keeping.”. From the songs you download to the movies you watch on them, the iPhone, iPad , and iPod are distinct to your tastes. MacJournal for iOS is a lot like that too.

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If you like a disciplined approach to your journal keeping, set aside time every day to write and use the Timer to monitor yourself. X Close Your browser does not support the video tag.

Macjournal For Ipad App Reviews – User Reviews of Macjournal For Ipad

Cody Fink Former MacStories contributor. The whole process is far from intuitive and, potentially, quite dangerous. I deleted the app and then reloaded it, just for experimental purposes, but without using a password and without making entries of any significance.

Now I have to uses IOS notes with photos and then cut and paste to journal. This app is a plain piece of crap. But I have another app that uses Dropbox sync and they have never had an issue.



Sometimes I even get up to using it half of the days which is a lot for me. I have been using MacJournal on my Macs for several mavjournal and I like the program. I’ve just lost years of journals Even share documents via iTunes.

The reason that I give it a two iipad why I say that Dropbox sync mostly works is that when you are offline don’t do any journal entries. Also, entered search text does not produce results, despite the text string being available in a majority of entries.

MacJournal for iPad features include: With the latest version, I am constantly losing data! Dec 25 Version: Any version will lose your journals and you’ll never get them back. This is so wonderful and everything is dated. When I opened a journal on my iPad an found my way to the single most important document on my iPad the entry was blank.

Macjoirnal it is not work ios7. Get it together, please! Although I use it primarily to sync to my journals on my Macs, it certainly has enough features to function as a stand-alone app.

First Name Email Address Tell us a bit about yourself: You guys need better PR! I foolishly bought this app a long time ago and whenever I notice an update I always reinstall to see if it’s finally usable.

Use this ap at your own risk. MacJournal If you like an audience…or not.


Macjournal For Ipad App Reviews

With MacJournal for iOS, the sky is the limit. Combine one with the other and you have a powerful combination. Customize the display of your journals and entries. The reason that I give it a two and why I say that Dropbox sync mostly works is that when you are offline don’t do any journal entries. And, make frequent backups of your data upside their backup system then it works great.

That I have to manually initiate sync, and that I have to be on the same wifi network with the devices I want to sync, should be a thing of the the past. Haven’t we seen this movie before from Mariner?

Introduced for the Mac in and the iPhone inMacJournal for iPad offers an even greater opportunity to document important life events while on the go. Although I’m not a fan of the clumsy interface for example, your last opened note is displayed upon launching the app or folders aren’t locked upon exit thanks to multitasking on iOSthe syncing features make this a must have application for me.

Personally, I’m surprised a dark blue wasn’t used to stay consistent with the lovely app icon.