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Born: October 15, Allentown, Pennsylvania American businessman and auto industry executive. After a thirty-two year career with Ford Motor Company. Iacocca: An Autobiography [Lee Iacocca, William Novak] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. “Vintage Iacocca He is fast-talking, blunt. Lee Iacocca is a businessman famous for reviving the Chrysler Corporation from near bankruptcy. This biography of Lee Iacocca provides.

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He became chairman of its board of directors in and CEO in Five years later he became assitant to the chief engineer of the commercial vehicle division.

He was assigned to fleet sales in Ford’s Chester, Pennsylvania, office, and over the next few years he honed his communications skills and ability to predict consumer trends. It was the Mustang that secured Iacocca’s position in automotive history. An Autobiography and Talking Straight, Iacocca had previously condemned such corporate raiding, claiming that it destroyed American jobs. An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca.

Lee Iacocca Biography

Lee Iacocca is a compelling and an easy to read book. Byhe had been promoted to vehicle marketing manager. Undoubtedly, the best autobiography I have ever read till now.


Casey discussed with Iacocca an appointment to the U.

After finishing the book, I realized that a story which is told in all its honesty can never miss the mark. He saved the Chrysler Corporation and turned it into a profitable business. Before he finally makes it big by landing a job in Ford Motor company and works under Henry Aicocca II for as good as 32 years.

Quoting Tywin Biovraphy – “Any man who must say, ‘I am the king’ is no true king.

Lee Iacocca

My absolute favorite book of all time! His public image, like Chrysler’s earnings, began to fall off.

Huge respect for Lee lacocca!!! Books by Lee Iacocca.

The career of Lee Iacocca. Recommend to all who aspire to become fruitful managers and leaders! It still sounds like a bunch of nincompoops claiming to be the best when no one around them gives a shit.

These included cars ultimately introduced by Chrysler — the K car and the minivan. His success, coupled with appearances in television commercials and his best-selling book, made him one of the nation’s best-known and most admired businessmen. Lee, as he preferred to be called, learned about business from his father, Nicola, who was a businessman with many interests.


Wyden, The Unknown Iacocca ; D. Audible Download Audio Books. Iacocca’s popularity, like the company’s earnings, began to fall off.

Lee Iacocca | Biography & Facts |

Sep 29, Jeff Mayo rated it liked it. He first studied mechanical engineering and then, because of bad grades in physics, les to industrial engineering, picking up several business and psychology courses along the way. Five months after his firing, Iacocca was named president of Chrysler becoming chairman in and began transforming the number iacoccw automaker from corporate history’s number one deficits manufacturer into a highly-profitable enterprise.

Entertainers That Give Back. But, if your company breaks down, you’ve got to go to the experts on the ground, not the bureaucrats. There was a problem with your submission. A great leader for sure! If they’re smart, they’ll bring together a consortium of workers, plant managers and dealers to come up with real solutions.

To view biogra;hy, click here.