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La trasfigurazione del banale 5 likes. Book. : La trasfigurazione del banale. Una filosofia dell’arte ( ) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. La trasfigurazione del banale. Una filosofia dell’arte: Arthur C. Danto, S. Velotti: : Books.

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It has some very interesting arguments about the questions of imitation in art or the cognitive power of the work of art. Presentazione Presentazione della rivista Comitato e direzione Procedure di selezione dei testi Norme editoriali Call for papers Informazioni Contatti Crediti Publishing policies.

Feb 01, Andreas Antoniou trasfigufazione it liked it.

These same works, however, could encourage sexist rigidity in any reader fixated on its content. A wealth of examples, drawn especially from recent and contemporary art, illuminate the argument.

The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art by Arthur C. Danto

In America there was Abstract Expressionism. I’ll bznale sure to check out more Danto soon. Anyone who wants to put the work into learning the language of art shares in its power. All at once movements no longer seemed to occur. But I was the only one interested in it who was also interested in the ontological dimension of the philosophy of history, of knowledge of action, of mind, and trasfiguraziond religion at the same time, and where anything not bearing on this was of interest to be sure, but not of great interest ontologically speaking.

He is also that rare thing–a philosopher who gives examples!

The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art

And he manages to do all of this in an entertaining way! Jun 23, Harvey rated it really liked it.

My view, in brief, is an expansion of the Peircian thesis that “the man is the sum total of his language, because man is a sign. There were hundreds of neatly stacked boxes for Brillo, tomato soup, cornflakes, and canned fruit, and apple juice. While some of his contemporary examples humorous and relevant are dated, heavily using s and s pop culture and baanale commentary and examples Gradually, it became known that the firing squad was made up of Mexican soldiers in uniform, as the final and official version shows.


Navigazione Indice Autori Parole chiave. Pop consisted of works that looked very like images that occurred in popular culture. Manet tended to suppress transitional tones, which emulates the way the frontally illuminated object in a photograph drives the shadows to the edges, inevitably flattening forms, an effect which Manet seized upon in painting his portraits. Mar 05, Kristina rated it it was amazing. He brings abstractions about art down-to-earth using real or hypothetical examples.

Traditional painters, like Leonardo or Lautrec, produce trasdigurazione that are visually convincing even if they are optically incorrect. Oct 10, Ann Michael rated it it was amazing. Roughly stated, this argues that anything is art that museum directors and academics say it is, the job for the rest of us to supply the adulation. To understand the artwork is to grasp the metaphor that is, I think, always there. But what interest can that have alongside the questions that makes it moving as a tragedy, or why viewers feel purged after sitting through a performance of it?

Suppose I could trasfgiurazione a snow shovel back in time with me. Everyone used everything and anything — audio, video, photography, performances, installation, embroidery, taxidermy. Titians, battle scenes, Hudson River School waterfalls. They were like slaves. At first, this rather depressed me.

Meganne rated it liked it Dec 02, It was genuinely a surrealistic experience. I more or less accepted that the boxes were art, but immediately wondered what the difference could be between them and the real Brillo cartons of the supermarket, which resembled them visually.

From Photography to Philosophy: Two Moments oF Post-Traditional Art

The only thing that really tfasfigurazione like is that the book is trzsfigurazione dedicated to clarify the details of the relation between knowledge and art, that it forgets to include the aesthetic part of it. The first baanle that if the structure of artworks is, or is very close to the structure of metaphors, then no paraphrase or summary of the artwork can engage the participatory mind in at all the ways that it can; and no critical account of the internal metaphor of the work can substitute for the work inasmuch as the description of a metaphor simply does not have the power of the metaphor it describes, just as a description of a cry of anguish does not activate the same response as the cry of anguish itself.

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That show would have been unthinkable without silk screen: These examples nicely make the point that an art work is what it is because of the traditions surrounding it, what the world was like around it, all this knowledge building to our attitude toward it.

Nov 25, Drenda rated it really liked it. But, as I have already noted, some deep change had begun in the art world with Pop, Minimalism, and Conceptual art. Were they art — or were they real cartons? He is talking about the differences between worlds rather than institutions and might be summarized with a point made by Wittgenstein: The book baanle what belongs to artistic theory from what has traditionally been confused with it, namely aesthetic theory and offers as well a systematic account of metaphor, expression, and style, together with an original account of artistic representation.

But bit by bit I began to feel that it was intoxicating to be free of the tyranny of art history.